1992 McLaren F1 6.0 V12 620bhp


No wonder its the fastest car in the world!!


Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

General Comments:

I previously owned a Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota which I thought was the fastest car I will ever own and drive, but I was dead WRONG!!!

This car is definitely not made for the faint hearted as it still scares the hell out of me after owning it for 2 years now.

To be honest I can't explain in words how fast this car is, but if you ever get the chance to own or sit in one then you MUST! if you are willing to experience SERIOUS g-force and incredible power then go for it.

This car is only driven on particular track days or very rarely on public roads because its loud as any thing and theres no point because I've not bought it to drive 20 mph!.

Overall still till this day I don't think that there will be any thing faster or earned a great name such as this sports car. Well done McLaren.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2004

13th Sep 2004, 07:52

Nice cars, still number 1 after a decade, with looks and performance in a league of their own! You do realise, you will probably get lots of comments accusing you of not really owning this car!!

14th Sep 2004, 08:18

Sure you own this car Bud?

1st Apr 2006, 09:49

Kenwood stereo in a Maclaren F1!!! LOL.

25th Jun 2006, 15:57

Yes, a custom made and designed hi-fi by Kenwood in the front compartment.

1996 McLaren F1 V12 700 bhp


Hahahahaha, good luck ever getting your hands on a second hand one!


Nothing apart from the normal wear and tear in a car.

Window cracked, 3000 pounds to repair!

The headlight somehow stopped working, 2000 pounds for a new one!

Rear panel scraped, another 7000 pounds down the drain.

General Comments:

The interior is boring as hell. Considering I am paying so much bloody money you would think that I could customize the interior. But McClaren wouldn't allow it. They practically own the car, I can't do anything to it other than drive it.

And yes the modem that contacts McClaren and tells them if the car has a problem is true.

It is the fastest car on the road. This car, is the most expensive car in the world and it acts like one too! It devours money by the truckload. In the city I have recorded fuel consumption at up to 38mpg. The prices charged for services are absolutly disgusting! I could be feeding a third world country.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2001

23rd Sep 2001, 19:04

38 mpg??? Are these miles and American gallons here? Because for the fastest supercar in the world I would have to say it probably gets just a BIT less than 38 mpg. A V12 with 620 BHP in the most expensive street-legal car in the world does not scream "fuel efficiency", nor would fuel economy be the highest priority on someone with nearly a million to drop on a car. Just my humble opinion.

1996 McLaren F1 V12 700 bhp


The best, really


No problems whatsoever, an absolute peach to drive.

General Comments:

Disgustingly awesome performance, still yet to have it flat out. Power delivery is unbelieveable. You cannot begin to fathom the sound and feeling of this car. A feat of engineering.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2001

1st Jul 2001, 00:37

You lucky person, oh how I wish I had one AND your previous car was a Diablo??? OMG.

14th Oct 2001, 13:31

How much you earn a year? I'm stuck with my Supra Twin Turbo.

13th Jul 2002, 01:39

I drove a McLaren once. It was great. I pressed the pedal down and felt the g-force turn my face into mush. It was great!... and then I woke up... and hopped into my Hyundai and drove to work. C'est la vie!

31st Jan 2003, 07:41

I'd like someday get a rid on a car like that, but here in brazil, I think i'll never see a f1.

13th Feb 2003, 17:13

You are all deeply pathetic and you will die alone in a wet nappy.


29th Apr 2003, 08:44

...and out of these 100 only 72 road cars originally. So yes IT IS highly unlikely that 6 people so far (a 7th admits he isn't an owner) have been in here.