2nd Oct 2001, 04:53

This is just my own personal recordings, not official figures. And yes I am an American living in Britain.

24th Oct 2001, 23:34

I think that your math might be a little messed up, I'm lucky if I get 38mpg in my 4 cylinder Toyota MR2.

25th Oct 2001, 23:53

Yes, you are correct, I was wrong, THE FIGURE IS MORE LIKE 86MPG! As I said, feeding a third world country.

31st Oct 2001, 01:13

You have it the wrong way around, you are saying that for each gallon of petrol you can go 86 miles.

24th Nov 2001, 13:54

About the modem thingy... how does it react to lightning strike?

16th Dec 2001, 09:52

It would be safe in the car as it's a Faraday Cage if the composite is bonded. Feel free to correct my theory.

15th Jan 2002, 16:14

£7000 for a repaired panel!!! My E reg Fiesta only cost me £150. Tell you what next time I'll repair it using filler, paint and wet and dry paper. I only charge £6000:)

17th Jan 2002, 15:19

If I'd paid that kind of money for anything I think the 'ole company could pound sand at thinking they'd tell me what to do with it. that being said that car is so fine what could you do with it? A day with the F-1 or a week with the supermodel of your choice. Easy decision for me, what kind of fuel does it prefer?

22nd Jan 2002, 16:17

So does anyone actually think the guy who posted the original review owns a McLaren? Spelling the name wrong is something that an apparent owner wouldn't really do.

And the comments about not being able to customize the car, firstly why would you? Everything has been designed to work in harmony and not be interfered with by mods fans.. this isn't a 205 or a Saxo! Secondly, McLaren have an image to maintain ti, it's up to them if they sell you one, and if you do get one why shouldn't they expect you to adhere to certain conditions? Rolls-Royce used to be the same, you weren't allowed to change the car from its original state.

And finally, you'd think that someone who owns a McLaren would be quite intelligent (in a high paying job etc) and would this kind of person be quite so rubbish at maths? 38MPG...more like 5MPG in the city and about 10MPG on the open road!

6th May 2002, 23:33

This review is obviously fake. If I had the money to buy the world's fastest car, I wouldn't give a crap about modifications. I'd be perfectly happy just getting one. Buy the way, if you're going to write a fake review, at least take the time to learn miles per gallon and just a LITTLE about the car itself. Just a suggestion to all the future fakers of America.

24th Jul 2002, 06:43

I don't think one can put the = sign between a McLaren owner and a very intelligent person. After all, even fools can inherit enough money to buy a McLaren, although the idea of buying such a car can come from somebody else.

30th Oct 2002, 17:02

I think the writer of this review is just about odd enough to have actually bought a McLaren. The figure of 38mpg is totally believable. This thing has less aerodynamic drag than the hole of a donut and weighs about the same, the gearing is interstellar. I have a SAAB 9000 from which I can get 45mpg on good level road. No, my math is not messy, I am an engineer and have had my figures confirmed by other SAAB enthusiasts.

7th Jan 2003, 19:24

86 mpg is more than an electric hybrid gets. 36mpg is more than my inline-4 Integra gets. A V12 producing 620hp (or whatever) is not going to get 36mpg. I'm a mechanical engineer. What kind of engineer are you?

31st Jan 2003, 18:45

Ha ha 38mpg? 86 mpg? I think you mean 38 gallons per mile... as IF you really own a McLaren.

9th Feb 2003, 15:24

A v12 cannot have a fuel efficiency of 38 mpg. That's impossible.

26th Feb 2003, 14:36

That person does not own a McLaren... someones fun afternoon of filling out a car report.

20th Mar 2003, 06:14

This person doesn't own a McLaren F1, does he?

I have a Rover 600 with a 2-litre honda engine, and if I could get 38 mpg around town (let alone when it's driven hard on B-roads) I'd be very happy.

Did this person also write a 'review' for a 1997 Rover 620Si SE?

21st Mar 2003, 11:17

It is not impossible for the McLaren F1 to get 38 MPG, but it will need ideal conditions for this to occur. 1st there must be no wind and zero humidity in the surrounding areas, 2nd it would need a road that is more level than a piece of regular A4 sized paper, 3rd it would require a driver that would be able to shift the gears in perfect harmony with the rev's while also having perfect control uf the clutch.

But it is highly unlikely for someone other than Michael Schumacher or Kimi Raikkonen to perform the needed tasks even if a perfectly level road could be found. Now I myself am a Proud owner of a 2000 Viper GTS (Red with black interior), but if I could afford a McLaren F1, I would sure as hell buy one, which should take about 6 years until I can actually afford one while still paying all my bills.

But besides all of that, DAMN!! what a sweet car it sure is..

Pieter Oosthuizen.

21st Mar 2003, 14:18

Do any of use people actually know what a McLaren F1 is?

Its the greatest car oon the planet and should not be anything else, don't even compare it to aa TVR Speed 12 or a Mercedes CLK-GTR.

18th Apr 2003, 07:37

Sorry - did I miss something or did somebody just compare the fuel consumption of a mclaren f1 to a saab 9000?? surely not!!! although I must say if the engineer can get 45mpg from his saab (and remember this figure is confirmed by "saab enthusiasts") then it is, I suppose, reasonable to assume that the mclaren will produce 38mpg as they are clearly alike in terms of performance. please excuse the hint of sarcasm!!!

29th Apr 2003, 08:53

...yeah or maybe he's as much of an engineer as the other guy is a McLaren owner! And may I remind you that the supposed "owner" corrected what he said about 38 mpg with 86 mpg! I think he was just a kid having fun.

11th Aug 2003, 20:38

I am a major McLaren Enthusiast. I mean, I did an English Report on this car, and got an A. So I know all about this car that can be found out with info that is published. Like the fact that there were only 64 of the original road models created in the world. 5 LeMans editions (the bright orange one with the big spoiler). The LM version lost some horsepower due to the drag from the giant spoiler, but still well over 600hp anyways. The cars idea is perfect. With a seat on either side of the driver, you got two babes, and me behind the wheel of the fastest street legal car ever created! HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry... just got carried away.

Anyhow, the MPG of the McLaren F1 model in mid-production, (1995), would be about 12.4mpg. That's all there is to it. No worries about going uphill with downforce winds or anything. It is about 12.4mpg. You see, you don't have to worry about winds and such with the McLaren F1 if you are driving into or away from them, for the car has the venturi tunnels with a high downfoce mode which keeps the car low and aerodynamic enough to cut the fog like Scooby Doo in the cartoons.