13th Oct 2003, 08:42

Hey Folk.

Horsepower has nothing to do with aerodynamic drag.

13th Nov 2003, 14:44

First of all, you can customise the interior. Interior modifications have been made to many mclarens.

Second of all, if this car has 700 horsepower, it has an upgraded engine. A couple of mclaren road cars have this modification, but I don't believe any have 700. The most horsepower I've ever heard of out of a mclaren is 691 on chassis #073. Because it's an upgraded engine, it might alter the fuel mileage. I doubt it would get 38 mpg, the average road car is supposed to get 12 mpg.

24th Feb 2004, 16:55

I also don't no how you got 38 miles per gallon either. My Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8 litre would struggle to do that! I would expect your car to do about 15 miles to the gallon at a push. And 86mpg is not possible for a 6.0 v12. It would have to be constantly at about 400 rpm or something to achieve that kind of mileage. Why didn't you buy yourself an Aston Martin or failing that a Cavilier!

15th Mar 2004, 21:56

Hi. My name is Alicia and my father has recently purchased a McLaren. I don't know much about it, but I think that it's really sweet! I just know that it's not an F1 because it has normal seats. We have a drag strip about 20 miles from my estate and we can beat everybody! It's awesome. I don't think that it's very attractive, but it's still really cool. I also wanted to comment about the guy who wanted to customize his...It's a McLaren! What are you thinking? It's like the coolest car ever! I recommend the cherry red color and that's about it for the choices that you need to make.

28th Mar 2004, 23:23

There only is the F1 to the best of my knowledge. If you do have one, what model is it? (since I am 99% sure there is only the F1)

1st Apr 2004, 08:49

"Alicia"... is your dads car a racecar perhaps converted for road use? Cause there's only one McLaren roadcar ever and it's called F1 (and it has the three seats..)

10th Jun 2004, 15:02

Does anyone here really, and I man REALLY, POSITIVELY, ACTUALLY own a McLaren F1? I mean, who actually owns the McLaren F1 and would spend their time indoors writing reviews about it when they could be tearing up the streets with it? If you actually DO own one, get off the damn computer and go drag racing or something!!!

10th Jun 2004, 15:25

What do you mean NORMAL seats! There is no NORMAL seat in an exotic car! Especially the McLaren! And where did you come up with the idea that the McLaren isn't attractive! personally, (instead of a Ferrari or something like that) I think the McLaren is the Sweetest car on the road!So if you got the money, GET ONE!!!

24th Jun 2004, 08:41

...doood, they are all F1's.

27th Jul 2004, 07:47

I don't think that somebody who finds the F1 anything less than devastatingly beautiful is qualified to pass comment. Thank you please.


16th Dec 2004, 13:51

Whoo the hell would seriously own an F1. They're cack in my view. The Lamborghini Murchialago is much better I think. Also, to settle all the arguments about whether the fuel consumption is correct, who'd care if you could afford one of them. Also, who cares if this bloke actually owns an F1. Does it really matter if he wants to delude himself into thinking he's got that kinda money. It's his problem, his hopes and his dreams so will you sad git's leave the bloke alone. I doubt you've got one mate cos nobody's even heard of y. Plus the fact, if you could afford one of them, like you'd care how much a service and a broken window and that costs. Respect to y if you have got one mate, but I doubt you have.

17th Feb 2005, 08:24

Let me try: about the fuel consumption, I think that the "American McLaren owner who lives in Britain", perhaps, is having a hard time getting used to the European standard LITERS PER 100 KILOMETERS. If this is true, then 36 L/100km looks much less ridiculous than 36 MPG. And the fact that he increased the number when some of you told him that this is impossible (considering his emphasis on the 86 MPG, the "!" and all, he was trying to say that it consumes much more fuel than the 36 mpg that he mentioned; this is to say that it eats more gas than he said, not gets more miles), my conclusion seems more likely.

About the fact that some McLaren owners would like to write a review about their cars, I don't see anything wrong with that. It's a strange phenomenon: even if you own the best car in the world, something inside tells you that it isn't. And you try to find opinions and thoughts that would encourage you and convince you that yours is TRULY the best car. For example, he typed McLaren F1 into a search engine, he found this site, and, when he found and read other reviews about the F1, he decided to leave his own.

Everybody NEEDS to chat. And forums, surveys are a good way to share your thoughts.

What is the reason for you people saying that typing a survey is a waste of time for McLaren owners? Are they not like others who also share their thoughts? I found a Chrysler Saratoga from the Ukraine and a Dodge Spirit from Russia on this site, do you think they wrote "Russia" and "Ukraine" for kicks? (OK, the Spirit from Russia is mine).

The McLaren owner, perhaps, was trying to find a little piece of himself, or home. You don't see many F1's on the road, do you? Same goes for me and my Dodge. In Russia, it's rare. That's why I find interest in reading what others say about it. And it is pleasant for me to find other Russians who left their review here. "A piece of home". The owner of the F1 was, supposedly, also pleased to find the opinions of other F1 owners.

Oh, and the "36-86 MPG" mishap could be a result of a good dose of alcohol. So why not take it easy on the guy? We all make mistakes! I just hope he doesn't go driving in that state of mind, body and soul...


Pete, correspondent for Russia's most famous and long-lived car magazine, "Za Rulyom"

17th Feb 2005, 11:04

Wow. If you really do have that kind of money, DO own a F1, and complain about servicing and the interior, I'd say the world is ending. Personally, if I had that kind of money, I'd pay for an education.

If you can get me a car that uses a gallon for every 86 miles it goes, you'd have to be richer than Bill Gates.

Oh, and I would expect the most expensive car in the world to eat money like that.

Just the personal opinion of a 15 year old who is actually getting an education.

17th Feb 2005, 17:16

To the above comment:

The reason most, if not all, of the McLaren reviews on this site are fakes is that there are a lot of people out there who fantasize about owning and driving such a car, but will never have the opportunity to do so. But they do have computers and the internet, or at least access to same. So writing a review of a McLaren helps make them feel like they really do own one. And since all the reviews on this site are anonymous, how will anyone find out whether they really do or not?

The problem with that is that this site is supposed to be for real reviews of vehicles that the writers have had actual experience with, not ones they fantasize about owning, hence the comments challenging their validity.

NO ONE fantasizes about owning a Dodge Spirit so all of the reviews of that model are probably legitimate.