1975 MG BGT Jubilee 1.8


B = Boring


Not a lot. I only had the car for a month, sold for slightly more than I paid for it. The door lock wouldn't work, so I took off all the door card and fixed it. It was really simple to do this, door stripped in about 5 seconds. I imagine this car is quite an easy one to work on.

General Comments:

I bought this car on impulse being that it looked cool, was under a thousand pounds, £100 to insure and had 95 BHP.

Sadly I really did not take to the car. I could barely see over the steering wheel, so had to sit on a cushion and the steering was quite heavy (I know it's an old car). It was quite powerful for a classic, but I really did not enjoy driving it, and it averaged about 25 MPG.

Also there was not room to cart any of my mates around in it, as the back seats are a joke (half the fun of a classic... taking all your mates for a spin). It got lots of admiring glances mind, and talk from lads young and old, thinking it was cool, it was racing green with a gold strip. Sadly not a pulling machine. All the girls thought I was a right burk for driving it.

Think I'll stick to my Metro. Much more exciting.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2010

1974 MG BGT V8 3.5 V8


A proper sports car at a sensible price


The main problem is the exhaust manifold leaking, particularly on the off-side. This obviously causes a lack in performance, but was difficult to repair as there is not a lot of room with a V8 fitted in there so it was hard to mend the cracks and re-bore and re-thread the holes where you join the manifold to the engine.

Everything else has been easy to repair.

General Comments:

Very good acceleration, particularly in high gears.

Great sounding car.

One of less than 2,000 made as it is a factory original.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2004

1976 MG BGT 1.8 petrol


Great fun and a great drive


Previous owner had fitted electronic ignition which kept failing. Reverting back to old points system has cured the problem.

General Comments:

The car has had a complete makeover and is driven daily. It is a real joy to drive with great handling and turn of speed for the car's age.

Parts are fairly cheap and readily available. The layout of the car makes it easy to work on and I find it best to have regular oil and filter changes along with 2 full services each year.

The driving position is the best I have ever encountered. You feel part of the car, not as if you are sitting on top of it as with many modern vehicles. I can drive for miles upon miles in the MG just enjoying the experience.

Overdrive provides for good cruising and in my opinion is a must if you are considering one of these cars.

The only drawback, if you can call it one, is that the car is very thirsty. You will need a big fuel tank for long journeys and in these days of unleaded petrol, make sure you have a ready supply of additive.

Most of all, simply enjoy the experience of driving a truly classic sports car.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004

1973 MG BGT MGB GT 1.8


Probably good car flawed by cowboy specialist


I bought this car from a well established MG specialist. To be honest id recently retired and wanted a Hobby to undertake.

What a mistake!

I paid nearly 6 grand for it. Red with black interior, chrome wires etc. Looked brilliant and was what id believed to be the best vehicle id looked at.

After 8 weeks of ownership it had been back to the dealer 5 times. Constantly cut out, was under powered, noisy gearbox etc. Also bubbles started to show through the paint. I got a second opinion at another specialist and was informed i'd probably bought a nail (bad car in the trade apparently).

I took said car back to the specialist for the final time in October 2002 and left them the keys demanding either another vehicle or a full refund.

They have refused point blank and the car has been stood at there premises ever since whilst I persue them through the courts.

General Comments:

I went out and bought a Triumph Spitfire after the MG.

This car has been brilliant. Its not immaculate, but its reliable and fun. I've joined the TSSC and the members are helpful and down to earth. In my opinion this car has much more charm and charachter than the MGB.

To be honest I believe the MG has a bit of an image with boring men with beards, stripy jumpers and cords. Not my scene and in a sad sort of way I'm glad things have turned out how they have!

The MG's engine in comparison has all the charm of an Morris J4 van.

Its really sad because if I had bought a decent MGB id have probably been one of those boring blokes wearing a flat cap on a Sunday afternoon and enjoying it!

Ill stick with the spitfire for the time being though...

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Review Date: 14th January, 2004

16th Jan 2004, 07:48

The MGB is a brilliant car, it does seem that you bought a dog. Shame you bought a spit because they are awful. Sure they look good, sound good and a fairly reliable... just don't go round any corners at speed because somebody forgot to fix rear suspension!!

18th Jan 2004, 12:03

Hmmm I'm sorry, but I disagree.

Having driven both ill take the spit. The MGB wasnt the best car to drive and to be honest in comparison to the triumph it was plain boring.

I have a later spitfire that has the updated suspension and it's a good fun car to drive.

There are also so many more tuning options with the spitty engine over the lethargic MGB one.