F 1.8

Not perfect, but I love my MGF

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F VVi 1.8 petrol

I love it but it's a labour of love

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F VVC 1.8 petrol

Great to drive, but not so great to own

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F 1.8 MPi 1.8 petrol

Great as a second or summer car - not great as a daily drive

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F 1.8i sports convertible

The MGF acts its price

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F MPi 1.8

Best car I have ever had (by a huge margin) - get one, you won't regret it

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F 1.8i

A nice looking car, a mechanical bag of crap

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F 1.8i

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F VVC 1.8i petrol

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F 1.8i

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F 1.8i petrol

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