L200 GLS 2.5 turbo diesel

It's cool, good off road, and does what it should

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L200 2.5 turbo diesel

A pile of crap iced with poo

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L200 Animal 2.5 litre turbo diesel

Good looking, but not that brilliant a ride, and has the turning circle of the Titanic!

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L200 Warrior

Complete crap

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L200 4 Life 2.5 turbo diesel

Exceptional value for money

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L200 Warrior 2.5 diesel

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L200 2.5 diesel

This model must have serious faults, otherwise it should be able to cope with the mileage

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L200 Animal 2.5 turbo diesel

A great go anywhere vehicle be it to the shops or to the mountains and hills!

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L200 Warrior 2.5

The car has a great look though aspects of its design need looking at again

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L200 Warrior Double-Cab 2.5 turbo diesel

Immense and macho, but it's an expensive novelty that soon wears off

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