23rd Mar 2012, 10:24

Yes, I am happy. I want to have the suspension changed/upgraded all round, and I will be even happier.

Had a V6 before, and I'm missing the sound and torque, but getting used to it slowly.

Just a problem in Germany regards to the Euro norm. It gets a yellow sticker, and that means no more going into most cities. No exhaust filters available for under 2007 models... Very boring, but what can one do.

16th May 2012, 12:58

The reason people are having problems with the bottom pulleys coming loose, is due to the bolt not being thread locked, and the pulley not being torqued up tight enough after cam belts are changed. 190nm is the correct torque, but I've tightened mine to 230nm and it;s still OK.

The delaminated pulley problem is normally caused by either pullers being used to remove the pulley, or just poor copy parts.

I've had mine 2 years, it's had a couple of problems, but I always repair myself, so no stupid labor charges.

Parts prices are very reasonable, I use MILLNER 4x4, 100% top quality service and good prices.

I love my L200. The only problem with it is the amount of fuel it uses. 25-32mpg max.

But then again, the price of fuel is not the car's fault; it's the government making motoring expensive.

14th Jun 2012, 12:48

Sell your L200s by all means, but a message to all you out there that think Nissans are better.. Think again!! These trucks Navara/L200/Shogun etc are not cars, drive them around at speed limits and above, and they WILL break. Potter around working away, shifting stuff for work, and from farm to farm, or even a nice 60mph motorway run, and they will last forever.

Last word, get caught out by the marketing man, buying a truck for a car, and you get what you deserve.

17th Sep 2012, 12:26

Rear leaf springs are £80 per side. Milneroffroad.com are the best; good service and cheap, and easy to do yourself. It took me 4 hours on my drive, and I ain't no expert. Just don't buy general ones if you don't drive fully loaded all the time; get light work.

13th Feb 2013, 14:38

I bought my 2001 L200 Animal 14 months ago with 85000 miles on it. Bearing in mind that it's been about for a while and done its fair share of pulling and carrying, it's a great vehicle and I love driving it.

Yes, it takes a bit of maintaining, but all in all I've had a good year of owning this 12 year old truck. I can definitely see myself driving this for the foreseeable. It's not the most economical thing in the world, but the useability and ruggedness is worth it.

My advice is - don't let negative comments put you off totally. After all, every car and manufacturer has its bad and good points!

18th May 2013, 18:04

Well lads, I've had my L200 5 years, 2001 model, had 55 thousand on clock when bought, now 101 thousand, used for work, hammered, abused, hose went and boiled 4 times getting home, repaired hose, no problems. It just keeps going, and if something does go wrong, it's dead easy to mend. What a truck, it will not be killed.

11th Sep 2013, 00:36

I have a 2003 L200 in Mallorca, Spain. I have had it from new and I do remember it slowing down to 15 mph, and if I recall it was due to the gear box oil level being low. I had the oil changed and it was fine. I think it was if I had been on a steep hill or off road, and there may be a sensor which gets told the level is low. I just turned off the engine and let it settle, and it was then OK. Changed the oil just to be sure.

I have always serviced the engine myself, and have never had one problem with it ever. Just about to change the cam belt and water pump myself, as it has done over 200,000 km and never been changed.

Fantastic truck, but I never hammer it.

8th Nov 2013, 21:58

My 03 Warrior now does 32 MPG round town.

It has a few small mods i.e.:

Remove EGR valve and blank off (kits on eBay £10).

Remove cat (£20).

Engine remap (£150) for economy.

It now drives like a car, not a tractor. 70 BHP more and reliable with the remap. The EGR has been mapped out, and the cat mapped out. This does the job properly. The £180 spent was saved in 6 months of fuel cost.

Any more info, contact bowmountbullterriers.co.uk or bowmount@gmail.com

1st Feb 2014, 14:17

I bought a Trojan L200 06. I've had it nearly 5 years. It's just done 40,000 and it's brilliant. Had no problems whatsoever. I absolutely love it.

15th Apr 2014, 21:41

I have run a 55 plate square shaped L200, which was bought for £5,000. It had 54,000 miles on it when I bought it, and over 110,000 when I sold it. One pulley was replaced when it parted; apart from that it was brilliant.

Due to the mileage I traded it in for a 10 plate Warrior, which cost £11,000 and had less than 40,000 miles on it. After putting 6,000 miles on it, it is impossible to engage 3rd gear from 4th and is very dangerous. The garage which supplied it was not very forthcoming, so I sent in a request to Mitsubishi customer services to ask their advice. They put me in contact with the local main dealer, who inspected the fault to find the biomass clutch needs replacing, and all the selector and baulk rings will need attention. It is estimated to cost £1500. This is not good and I have suggested to Mitsubishi that a recall should be considered, as if you cannot get into 3rd gear when slowing down for a junction, you are a danger on the road. I am still pursuing the matter, but I have had a real eye opener with the new L200. The Japanese seem to have lost the plot on this one. I thought they were better than this.

13th Jun 2014, 19:26

Mine takes 7.5 litres.

18th Nov 2014, 14:37

Hi, what did you do to solve this problem, as I have the same thing.


19th Feb 2015, 12:02

4.5 litres is the max, but when you go to get the oil, ask and they will look up the correct spec or check the owner's manual.

19th Feb 2015, 12:05

eBay sell some decent ones, but I would always buy these from the dealer; more expensive, but will last longer and be worth the money.

19th Sep 2015, 18:07

Hello, how much did the cam belt cost?

7th Jan 2016, 23:11

Hi, I have a Mitsubishi L200 2006 model. Bought it six months ago, and going into 4th gear is beginning to get tough. Had it looked at, gearbox needs about 1600 euro, but I would not part with it. Any ideas where to pick up a reconditioned gearbox?

29th Mar 2016, 21:10

Scrap it mate. I got one and I'm doing the same with it.

15th Jun 2016, 04:59

Hi, myself and my partner are considering buying a l200 Trojan 2011. This will be for general use and not farm work. Has anyone any reviews on these? Thanks.

26th Sep 2016, 17:21

Hi, I have had my L200 2005 plate 2.5 for 12 years now. I have really looked after it, changing the oil every 6 mouths, and I got the timing belt changed at 27 thousand miles. I have only done 38 thousand miles now. The truck has never let me down once until two weeks ago when the balance shift belt snapped; well I never even knew it had one. It's just under the timing belt; well it's killed my head, around £2000 worth, so beware when you have the belts done, get this balance shift belt replaced as well.

17th Sep 2018, 11:32

Have had my L200 for 17 years now. The odd things have gone wrong with it. It's done 157,000 now. Like you it only will do 5 to 10mph, belching out white/black smoke. She will be going this time.