24th Mar 2009, 05:37

I bought an 53 plate L200 7-8 weeks ago, private sale, £4250. I have done 2k miles in it & the engine has blown!!! £2,000 to get it fixed!! I am absolutely gutted. I am self employed & it has been hard enough at the moment.

Do I scrap it for parts or try to fix it? I can't tell you what a pickle I am in.

23rd Apr 2009, 11:34

The Mitsubishi 2.8 Diesel 4m40 is prone to cracked heads. Don't just think it's your head gasket and replace only that. Check the head between the valves for hairline cracking. Aftermarket companies are doing a good trade in heads for the 4m40 engine available over the Internet.

Another thing to keep in mind is the head bolts are prone to stretching. My advice for what it's worth is not to tighten them down as recommended, they will just keep turning. Tighten them down to 100nm and leave it at that.

It's such a shame the 2.8 engine has a head problem, as it is a nice powerful engine. But many parts are made of chocolate.

15th Jun 2009, 15:41

Hi. Was going to change my van for a crew pick up... it came down to the L200 for exterior looks and nice interiors, great for work and play, above the Navara and Ranger, but reading these threads you would have to be MAD to buy one, and not just this site; people I've spoken to locally with them. So I thought go for the Navara... but these are all destined for doom it seems; a local engine centre can't fit them fast enough!!!

Okay so it's the Ranger now - last choice for up to 5 k budget... does anyone know if these are dogs. Just found a load of threads relating to fuel pump issues!!!

Advice please. Never thought it would be so hard to pick up a pick up. Even the Toyota, which is supposedly bullet proof with the 2.4 TD, has major issues overheating in most cases.

10th Jul 2009, 10:48

Well what can I say; just bought a 54 plate Warrior for £7000 today, came on this site and seen all the negative comments regarding, turbo's, fuel pumps, gear box's etc.

Have I bought a turkey? Who knows, fingers crossed everything will be OK, but only time will tell.

I will keep you all updated...

12th Jul 2009, 03:25

Bought old model 55 plate L200 ex-demo. No problems for first 3 years, then at 36,000 service, dealer said the crankshaft pulley had come unbonded from the engine! Pulley and alternator belts needed replacing (the latter had come off!), total cost of service was £700! Wouldn't mind so much, but drive it really carefully (never above 75mph or 3500rpm) and full service history at Mitsubishi dealer. Looks like more problems to follow considering other comments on this site, although I've heard the new model is even more of a dog - won't be buying another one.

20th Aug 2009, 14:41

I brought a Y reg L200 2.5 TD last year, which had 60k on the clock. Looks like it's never been serviced so I gave it the full monty, oil looked like an OPEC oil well, it was so black and dirty it must have been in it since new. I have fitted a large powerflow exhaust, which exits by the side step, so it not only looks the biz, it sounds like a Peterbuilt truck.

I have thrashed it from day one and the engine never misses a beat. The clutch packed up one day without warning, there was plenty of feel to the pedal but no drive. I parked outside of a customers house, came back 10 minutes later and no clutch.

I am amazed at all the hassle some owners have had from their trucks and the amount of money they have spent on fixing the same faults, some times two or three times over.

I love my truck, it looks the business, sounds the business and has plenty of grunt. The only niggle I have is the air con switch on the dash is faulty, and Mitsubishi don't list a replacement switch as they claim it was a dockside fit. Try as I might, I have yet to find someone to supply me with a new switch.

My motto is thrash the truck and make it work, as it loves it.

Regards Rick.

7th Sep 2009, 13:16

Thank you all for your info. I was about to buy a L200, but I have now changed my mind. Sounds like it would cost me a fortune to run.

20th Nov 2009, 15:46

Had a 97, 02, 95 and 03 L200s, never had any trouble with any of them. Good trucks, much better than the d21 (eats engines).

30th Nov 2009, 12:34

Hi every one, just read all the comments about the L200, which made me very nervous. Crapping myself in fact as I have just purchased an 07 plate Animal. It has done 21000 miles. Can you all wish me luck.

17th Dec 2009, 07:35

Like all things in life it is a gamble. However the odds on your truck being OK are in your favour. Usually it is only people who have had the genuine grief that take the time to complain on these sites (Every vehicle even Hondas appear to have such comments). Let's face it, if you treat them like C**p, chances are they will treat you the same. It is a vehicle and engine that by now must have been made globally in the hundred of thousands. I have an 06 Trojan, do 35,000 miles a year (one set of tyres lasted 50,000miles!) looks the business, gets serviced by a main dealer, who always discounts for cash, carries loads of stuff up hills and down dales. Love it. But budget for the stuff that will go wrong. Because all vehicles don't last forever.

9th Jan 2010, 11:48

I purchased a 2003 L200 Animal with only 40k with all the history, and within 3x months of ownership it has cost me £2000. Leaf springs break, very common problem x2, turbo blown when doing 35 mph, stranded at 11.30pm, intercooler failed last week, so when this is repaired, it's going and I say thank god. The reply I got from dealership about these problems was I was just unlucky. My reply is I was unlucky to buy it in the first place.

26th Feb 2010, 13:24

Not sure whether to swap my Transit for one now!!!

4th Mar 2010, 14:39

I have a 53 Warrior. The EM light kept coming on - until the dealer did the new software thingy -- which killed the engine of all power!!

Then bottom end failed at 78 k - head gasket at 84 K - the bottom end cost 2 grand - but did the head myself, so that was only about 600 quid, having had the head pressure and vacuum tested. Expecting the rear springs or the bottom pulley next!!

Not that good an experience.. shame, nice truck, little under powered and thirsty at low 20's.

16th Mar 2010, 18:02

I have a 2003 L200 Warrior. It now has 156,000 miles on it.

This is my second L200; the first was a 1999 model and I traded in at 125k. I had the loss of power problem just before the warranty ran out, and the dealer re-mapped the engine management system. The dealer also put the problem down to the Turbo Bypass Valve sticking, and suggested using fuel cleaner regularly. I have done this since, but the loss of power came back about November last. I usually pull over, turn off the engine and restart after about a minute or so, and the engine resets and runs normal.

The last time it was in for a service, the mechanics disconnected the bypass valve and the EM light is now on all the time. The engine doesn't have the same poke since, as there is a bit of turbo lag now, but the loss of power problem is gone.

Overall this is a stylish work horse, and is great off road, as it is light and has large tyres that don't create ruts. It also has a differential lock that will get you out of sticky situations.

I have towed a 4 ton alternator with this truck, and was surprised how able it was.

I don't like the styling of the new L200, and will probably go for a Hilux crew cab when I trade this one in. Mileage 411 miles to 70 litre tank of diesel; used to be 445 when new. Tyres 60k between changes.