10th Apr 2008, 01:34

Your better off buying a Nissan Navara (31mpg) has a smoother ride.

12th Jul 2008, 08:16

My 53 L200 run it`s big end without warning, got crank reground, new con rod, main and big end shells head was skimmed and engine rebuilt only to find that it is breathing through the radiator, and we suspect a cracked head. Clutch also slipping!!Going to remove engine again. Lost all faith in this vehicle and after reading these comments I can`t believe that people still buy them,

15th Jul 2008, 06:39

Thanks to eveyone who has provided information on the L200, I was going to buy one, looks as if I am better off sticking to my Nissan D21. Sites like these are excellent in providing the information people need PRIOR TO BUYING.

30th Jul 2008, 17:38

I have an 02 L200 crew cab. Engine slow to start and accelerator not responsive when cold. Power a bit of a problem also. Any ideas??

3rd Sep 2008, 17:26

I have a 56 plate animal and had it since new. Sorry to hear about all the problems but for now, mine is excellent.

6th Sep 2008, 16:25

Hi there, I'm glad I'm not the only person who is having troubles with the L200. I've had my L200 for 4 months now and I'm repairing it for the 2nd time, the bottom pulley, a rubbish design. Luckily this time it didn't do the cambelt. Once it's done it's going straight on eBay and then I'm going to buy myself a wheelbarrow; at least with that the only thing you have to replace is the inner tube.

20th Dec 2008, 11:05

Well thanks you nice lot of people, sorry about your bad luck. I test drove a l200 today, 2006 model, and I don't think I'm going to get one now, what a waste of money.

Way too many problems, I would be a fool to buy one. I only need it for my dirt bikes and a baby.

Had a Vito, but I will stick with the German cars and a trailer.

21st Dec 2008, 10:28

I have had an l200 for four years. Not had any problems with it till now, but then I do my own servicing. Now it has 130,000 miles on the clock, it's time to change the cam belt again. After taking it apart, I found the bottom pulley bolt had been put back cross threaded, I rest my case.

2nd Jan 2009, 17:06

Hi everyone.

I had an l200 for three years, had no problems and covered 75000 miles.

This included to and from work, towing a caravan and carrying two trials bikes.

First service by dealer rest by myself using factor parts.

Warranty honored without problem when taken back for small jobs at end of warranty.

After the l200 I had a Navara for a year before moving to another job, couldn't fault the old l200 or dealer but the Navara was MEGA.

15th Jan 2009, 15:25

I bought a brand new L200 in November 2006, what a nightmare, it behaved well for the first year or so, but now it getting close to being out of warranty I have had loads of problems. Mainly a loss of power and EM light always coming on, can only do about 15mph. It's been in and out of the garage for over 2 months. The garage can't work out whats wrong. Anyone else had this problem?


26th Jan 2009, 02:13

04 Plate L200 Double cab

My EM light has been coming on now for the past 7 months and the garage can't work out what is wrong. It smokes a lot and isn't quick on the upstart. Burns fuel like you wouldn't believe. Feel like I have to rev higher to pull away at junctions. The garage removed the EGR valve which was completely blocked up and for a day it ran OK. Then the light re-appeared. So we replaced the EGR valve with the dealers own out of his truck. It ran OK for 10 minutes then the light re-appeared and it started smoking again. He had asked someone whether the injectors needed replacing but they didn't seem too sure, although they haven't inspected the car. Anyone have ideas much appreciated!!

2nd Feb 2009, 16:52

Cheers everyone for your comments on the L200. I was thinking of changing my Toyota Hilux vx270 for a Trojan, but I don't think I will bother now. I've had the Hilux from new and it has never missed a beat. I must admit though the L200 does look good, but not reliable enough with expensive repairs, but does this only apply to the early models? What about 2006 on, but old shape 2.5td models?

7th Feb 2009, 13:25

I am currently in the market for a Mitsy or a Navara. It seems that in all blogs you tend to get the people with problem vehicles voicing their concerns and quite rightly, but also after researching the Navara site, and thanks to BBC Watchdog, Nissan have had to extend their warranty for the same apparent problems you guys have been getting. Despite all this, I still want the L200.

10th Feb 2009, 02:37

Hi there everyone, well what can, I say wish I would have looked on this site before getting my l200. What a load of rubbish. Got it last week, it was fine, no problems; this week spent 1200 on it so far. Is this why they call it the l200, the amount we have 2 spend on these sheds to keep em going?

10th Feb 2009, 15:53

I've had my 06 L200 Animal since July 2008.

Everything seemed to be going fine until I had a recall on the rear axle bolts.

The week after this was done, I selected first gear to move off from parked and a huge bang followed. Took truck into the dealer at Christmas, had some grief with the manufacturers warranty as the dealership that I bought it from (not Mitsubishi) had to prove that it had been serviced in line with... Two gearbox rebuilds, a clutch and a week later the head gasket has now gone. I was party to a conversation regarding the power upgrade on the Animal, not letting the engine warm up and having to change the software in the upgrade to restrict power until the engine is warm enough. The effect off this problem is a blown head gasket, the cold weather seems to have added to the circumstances, and there seems to be a lot of people in the same boat. I am now waiting to hear if it is covered under the warranty, or if I have to go back to the dealer to get more info. on the service they did.

Thoroughly cheesed off, need the truck for my work, was going to buy another L200 when the current one got to 3 years old. Maybe I'll get a crew cab van.

18th Feb 2009, 04:48

Hi, had my Warrior for about a month now and starting to get a few problems. Starting up on cold mornings, which I originally thought something was draining the battery, but ended up being the battery (only 540a). Now I have the 4 wheel drive light flashing and some strange noise now and again as though the 4 wheel drive is trying to come in; anyone help?

MPG is not good, but you don't buy one of these expecting good mpg do you!

Despite all this, it's perfect for what I need it for, and it looks good.