24th Mar 2010, 19:02

I have had a 54 plate Warrior for 2 years, with not any problems, then I got an intercooler leak, then the next week it started to get little hot. On the way to the garage to get it checked out, bang went the head, had a new head fitted, went to collect the truck, drove it away thinking it was expensive but fixed, 2 miles down the road, no power, black smoke out the back. Back to the garage it went. This is an on going story, will let you know what happens. I'm gutted.

21st Apr 2010, 08:32

Hi, I have an L200 WARRIOR 2004. The gear box was crunchy in 2nd and 3rd, so had it replaced with a fully reconditioned one, only to find the same problem. Is this normal for L200's, or am I just unlucky?


29th May 2010, 02:52

Wow, many thanks to all the contributors on here.

I was about to buy an 06 L200, mainly for caravanning. I'm mortified by these stories of constant failures, I will not now be buying one, shame as I really liked it, thank god I FOUND THIS SITE!

26th Jun 2010, 05:48

Hi, I have a L200 Warrior (and I love it). 2003 model. Can anyone tell me how much oil the engine holds? Email me at nigel@nigelpark.plus.com

Cheers, Nigel.

29th Jun 2010, 19:18

I've owned a 51 plate crew cab for 5 years, and in that time I've had 2 cams, new springs (the heavy duty ones snapping), all the bolts falling out that hold the gearbox to the engine and the balance shafts seizing.

Now the latest problem, the lower pulley deciding to come apart and wear out the lower cover, this by reading some of your comments is common. Even so I would still have to think long and hard before I'd part with it.

Anyone out there know where I can get replacement cover and pulley?


27th Jul 2010, 15:39

If you have your leaf springs go on your L200, it happens to a lot of 4x4s i. e Ford, Nissan etc as friends of mine have had the same fault on there's.

As for complaining about the L200; yes it has faults, and I have experienced some of them; leaf springs, clutch, head gasket, turbo etc, but on the whole my 2003 L200 has been reliable. I have done numerous long trips in it, the Algarve (Portugal) french Alps etc, and it has not let me down.

All manufacturers have a few bad eggs, so to speak, but that is just part of life.

The L200 is on a whole a good motor; mine is up to 100,000 now, and is set to get its second set of tyres. If you want to maximise the life of your tyres, rotate them. Have just got 70,000+ out of my BFG ATs; just prefer these to the standard Bridgestones, as they are not really meant for off road use.

9th Sep 2010, 08:28

Went to look at 03 L200 4Life today. After reading comments I think anything and everything can go wrong them. Should I buy or stay clear?

Any feed back would be helpful.

18th Sep 2010, 05:27

Hi there, can't believe all the bad comments about the L200. I had a 2003 L200 Warrior with 45,000 on it August 08, now has got 66,000.

So far no problems with it, just changed oil and filters regularly, and cam belt change at 55,000. It has been great, if you can live with the fuel economy in low 20s. Hope this helps,

30th Sep 2010, 17:33

I have recently bought a Mitsubishi Animal L200 07 plate with 34.000 on the clock. Used for pleasure, not manual work, and then came to discover at its last recall, that the back leaf plate had gone to the tune of £317 + VAT, and the warranty had just run out by 21 days. Can anyone advise? Thank you.

8th Oct 2010, 11:48

I am on my second L200. Should have learnt my lesson the 1st time; only 18900 miles on the clock, head has decided to warp, going to cost 1000 to repair. My last one cost me 2000 in repairs, thought I was just unlucky. Wish I never tried another one. Not even used for work, just leisure. The Mitsubishi L200 is seriously soft.

12th Dec 2010, 11:39

I bought an 03 Warrior 3 weeks ago (private sale). Did 50 miles and the head gave up. Turns out the previous owner filled it up with wonder weld to mask the problem! Nice bloke! It's only got 38k on the clock; thought it would be fine!! LOL fooled by the looks of the thing! On reading this, I'm not looking forward to owning this truck!! I will keep you posted!!

22nd Jan 2011, 13:41

I've got a 99 L200 with over 300,000kms on the clock. Solid, reliable only had to replace one rear spring and all the belts as it hadn't been maintained for years. Great truck. Seems the older ones are better than the facelift model?

27th Mar 2011, 01:47

We have one of these bought second hand on an 05 plate. 80000 on the clock, cost £5600, has cost £7000+ since in 2 years, due to crank shaft pulley coming loose twice, and then a radiator being blocked, two new engines and a head.

We stayed with the Mitsubishi dealership to keep the guarantee, two engines, new head, plus lots of little problems. The dealership said if I were you, I would get rid of it. I thought get all the problems sorted and keep it. It is so bad we send it in for check ups every 5000 miles.

The best one is that the dealership fitted a new engine, and with 1000 miles on it, the crank shaft pulley came loose again, and we had to have a new engine again, this one was free!

Now the vacuum pump has gone, so that is being fitted. When it goes, the brakes go, so that's fun.

All in all, the parts are expensive, the truck, well it is really nice inside the cab, so when you breakdown, at least you will be comfortable.

11th Oct 2011, 18:24

Hi, it's normal.

24th Oct 2011, 05:17

Hi, I bought a 53 Warrior with 105k on the clock. It had a rattle in the engine that turned into a loud bang, and when I looked under the bonnet, I found big hole in the block and lump out of the starter. I am still wading around mine three months later, and have it running again, but the engine management light is on all the time, and I'm driving it around in limp mode. Can't wait to sell it and buy a Navara!

28th Nov 2011, 05:25

Hi there, how is it going there with your Warrior?


11th Jan 2012, 12:44

Hello everybody, myself and wife brought a 2003 L200, and it's fantastic, we wouldn't part with it for love nor money. It's just great, even towing the caravan, best buy we ever made. I recommend anyone to have an L200. I've never had any problems at all.


20th Jan 2012, 01:14

Hi, I have had 2 L200s.

The first was a Warrior. The crank shaft pulley snapped off at 130000; had to be drilled out. Found out what happens, is when people change the cambelt, the pulley has to come off. You should always use a new bolt, when you put it back on with some Loctite. Also, make sure it's done up to spec.

Also had two head gasket failures, mucked about skimming the head. Don't bother getting it skimmed; I now realise you can get a brand new one from Milners 4x4 for £240.00.

Have brought another one, must be mad, but has low miles, so fingers crossed it will be OK.