2003 Mitsubishi L200 GLS 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


It's cool, good off road, and does what it should


Head light bulb blew.

Wiper blade.

General Comments:

This truck is ace; I love it.

Thirsty, but it's a truck, not a car...

Drive it like a pickup, and it will be fine.

Drive it like a Saxo with a 17 year old in, and be prepared to bleed money.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2012

14th Jan 2016, 19:44

I have one. It's the dogs nuts. Pulls like a train. It is thirsty, but it is a pickup, not a smart car. Had it for 5 years now; never let me down.

2003 Mitsubishi L200 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A pile of crap iced with poo


What a pile of crap. Loss of power, main dealer couldn't sort out what was wrong, but 3 months after the warranty ran out at 38000 miles, the head cracked. Once the head was replaced, power was back to normal, but out of guarantee, now at 72000 miles, I can hear odd noises from the engine. I am disabled and can't afford to spend loads of money fixing a lemon. Mitsubishi, why don't you do the honourable thing and fix them all, or commit suicide, as you are making us all want to never buy another car from you ever! Even if it did 200 mpg, it isn't worth the grief!

I am based in Oxfordshire, and if any of you want to contact me, please do so, my email is tigercub@rocketmail.com

I am sure Mitsubishi's top man will be on the email tomorrow offering me a new L200 as compensation! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. If I ever win the lottery, I will drive up to every one of the UK dealers and dump a buggered L200 on their drive, on its roof with a big sign saying what a crap car they make!!!

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2012

2nd Apr 2012, 18:25

Totally agree... Mine's caused me no end of grief.

53 plate L200 engine blew up at 65,000 miles, and no end of issues since... time to get rid of this heap of junk.

I will NEVER buy a Mitsubishi again, and will always tell people to steer clear of them!

2003 Mitsubishi L200 Animal 2.5 litre turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Good looking, but not that brilliant a ride, and has the turning circle of the Titanic!


The engine has just developed a tapping noise at 66,000 miles. I was driving at 30mph, and it began to idle roughly at traffic lights, and then the tapping started, although the rough idle has stopped now.

Full Service history. Regular oil changes. I've just taken it in for investigation, and they are not sure what it may be. They adjusted the tappets, but made no difference. Say it may be valve beds? Small end? Who knows! I'm now left wondering what to do. Keep it, with the fear of it blowing up on a motorway and costing a fortune, or getting rid of it and cutting my losses. I thought diesel engines went on forever!

General Comments:

Having read some of the horror stories here, I think it may be high time to say good bye before it's too late.

I must have been mad paying £23k back in 2003.

Time now to lease hire methinks!

Exterior looks good, but I think the layout of the interior was designed by some student in his bedroom. Poor layout of many things on the dash, such as fog lamp switches, drinks holder placed so drinks obscure the radio controls console between front seats, cheap and nasty. Poor lighting on dash board, to name but a few.

Poor fuel consumption (approx 23 to the gallon).

4 wheel drive light keeps flashing.

Has occasionally lost power on acceleration (engine warning light comes on), have to pull over, switch off engine, and then it's OK again.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2011

24th Jan 2011, 08:35

It's already too late! I've been told I need a replacement engine. Only 65k on the clock. What's going on with 03/04 engines on L200's? Not worth the cost of repair. Should have got rid of it when I had the chance.

Going to sell the Animal as a non runner. What a waste of time. Mitsubishi should own up. I will never buy one of their vehicles again.

24th Jan 2011, 11:03

It's just blown up since I last wrote in. Bottom end has fallen apart. This seems to be a regular occurrence now with these. Now left with a heap of scrap metal, as cost of repairs not far off value of vehicle. Thanks Mitsubishi, I will never buy from you again or recommend you.

21st Mar 2011, 04:44

I'm interested in buying a 2005 Mitsubishi L200.

What would you guys advise? It's a second hand one.

5th Nov 2011, 12:57

Easy fix - if you follow the fuel line, you will see that before the fuel pump, that the line has been pushed together and not secured, so as the pump draws fuel, you also get air, so the engine sounds rough. To fix this, you should undo your fuel inlet a little bit with the engine running until fuel comes out, then do it back up, repeat on all inlets, and secure fuel line join with a garden hose clips. It's just air, so your engine will return to how it ran before.

2nd Apr 2012, 18:30

No it's not...

Mitsubishi know about this problem on 53/04 plates. Big ends going at around 65,000 miles.

Mine was regularly serviced, but blew up at 65,000 miles.

Starts with rough idling, which turns into a knocking noise, followed by eventual death of the engine.

8th Feb 2015, 01:51

Don't bother: unreliable, poor build quality, weak engines, tacky, steer well clear.