Mitsubishi Mirage reviews from UK and Ireland


Mirage Mivec Cyborg ZR 1.6

Great spec, reliable and nippy

347 words


Mirage Vie Saloon 1.5 DOHC

Best car I ever had

285 words

Mirage GLX-i 1.6i 16v SOHC

Underrated POCKET ROCKET!! =D

425 words

Mirage Coupe ASTI V 1.3 petrol

85 words, 17 comments


Mirage VIE Saloon 1.5 DOHC

High performance with normal looks

71 words


Mirage Vie Saloon 1.5 DOHC

Comfortable, practical and reliable, what more could you want?

160 words, 2 comments