29th Oct 2001, 15:36

Yep, I have a 1996 Mirage Coupe (Asti V) and just fitted performance lowering springs(lowered by 30mm) - the Colt springs are the ones that were fitted, the Lancer ones were too large a diameter. I may add they did the trick, improved handling and braking - cool!! Recommend it as it was far too softly sprung for a car that looks that good.

9th Jun 2002, 17:18

Hey, I have just brought a 1993 Mirage Asti 1.5 manual. Goes OK for a little engine, but I'm worried about the fuel consumption - approx 10litres for 100kms - seems a bit steep for a engine of that size. Does anyone know of any problems these cars have that may affect the fuel consumption?? Have changed the air filter now am just clutching at straws!

12th Feb 2003, 07:55

Please help... I have bought a Mitsubishi Mirage Asti V, but the manual comes in Japanese - any ideas where I could get one in English???

The car was imported from Europe by the previous owner.

14th Apr 2003, 12:19

I am the owner of a 1.3 Manual Asti iv Mirage Coupe, imported from Japan. I live in Trinidad, WI. Is there anything in particular that I should know about this car especially since I haven't got a manual?

14th Apr 2003, 12:25

Is there anything that can be done to a mirage coupe asti iv 1.3 (manual) engine system to provide better performance?

1st Jun 2003, 07:19

You can do lots of things with your ASTI. Go to RPM in Australia www.rpw.com.au.

Good luck.

18th Jun 2003, 07:50

Hi. I have just bought a 1996 Mitsubishi Mirage As ti 1.3 and I have noticed a rubbing noise coming from the rear of the car when turning corners. At first I thought it might be the shocks, but have now been told it is probably the tires. I have notice that there are 185/50/15 on the front and 195/55/15 on the back. Is this right or do you know what size should be on the car.


3rd Aug 2003, 17:37

Hi could somebody please recommend a set of lowering springs for my 1996 Cyborg Colt. I was looking at getting a set of H&R springs that would lower the car by 35mm, but I am worried that the suspension already on my car might be as low as the new springs. I have standard cyborg suspension.


11th Feb 2005, 10:22

I live in Dublin, Ireland, does anyone know where or how I could go about improving the performance of my 95 Mirage Coupe model 1.3 in this country? It is a great looking car, but not quite quick enough, also are 17 inch wheels too big for this car as they seem to rub when I lock the steering in 3 point turns?

8th Aug 2005, 22:45

The Mirage Asti 1.5 is listed as 5.2 lt/100km so if you are getting closer to 10 then you are either driving really hard or there could be a problem that is affecting your engines efficiency.

If you are wanting to squeeze more power out of your Mirage there is no specific ECU upgrade that I am aware of for the 1.3 or 1.5. The best thing to do is sell it and buy one of the 1.6 MIVEC models (R, ZR, RX). It's a fantastic engine putting out 175BHP as stock. Or you can go all the way and buy the VR-X, which has the 1.8 Turbo lump from the Lancer GSR and is very quick.

19th Jul 2009, 11:28

Hi, living in Barbados, have a 1996 Mitsubishi Mirage Asti v, looking for a carburetor... seems hard to come by... really love the car... my dream car...

7th Mar 2012, 20:02

I am from Barbados, West Indies, and I am still looking for a carburetor for my 1996 Mitsubishi Asti V Mirage. Can anyone help me in locating one? Sports two door model.

24th Feb 2013, 00:25

Hi, I have a 1996 Mirage Asti 1.5, and it surges when I drive along, almost like it's running out of petrol. Also the transmission kicks down to a lower gear when you take your foot off accelerator. What's wrong with my car? The head and radiator are reconditioned.

24th Feb 2013, 23:10

One of the things it could be is overfilled Automatic Transmission fluid. Check it on a level surface in neutral/park with the car running, once it is fully hot.

7th Oct 2013, 00:09

I have an Mitsubishi Mirage Coupe 1996, and the manual's in Japanese. All I want to know is where to put the transmission fluid?