Terrano II SVE 3.0 Tdi

Not something to own after the manufacturers warranty has expired

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Terrano II SR 2.7 turbo diesel

Good, solid tow truck that is very reliable

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Terrano II TD SE 2.7 turbo diesel

Tough as old boots

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Terrano II SE 2.7 turbo diesel

Excellent 4x4

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Terrano II SE+ 2.7 turbo diesel

On or Off-Road, the Terrano will get you there!!

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Terrano II 2.7 TDi diesel

A rugged vehicle, but more a workhorse, IMO than a luxury tourer

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Terrano II SE 2.7TDi

Very good car on the whole

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Terrano II SE Touring LWB 7Seat 2.7 Tdi

A great car for people who need 5 plus seats, but want more than just a people carrier

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Terrano II SE 2.7 TI

A much underrated 4WD

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Terrano II SLX 2.7 TD

Solid and reliable, but not cheap to maintain

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Terrano II SLX 2.7 turbo diesel

A fantastic underrated 4x4

54 words


Terrano II SLX 3 door 2.7 turbo diesel

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