2007 Perodua Myvi SXI 1.3 petrol


Another superb Myvi, bomb-proof Japanese tech for peanuts

General Comments:

Just bought our fourth Myvi (after a Nippa, 4 Kelisas and a Kenari and two Daihatsu Sirions).

Purchased as a second car to back up our 7 seat MPV, and as a sister car to another Myvi run by our Parents - as reported under Myvi 2010.

We have been so impressed by Perodua over the years, and particularly the excellent Myvis, that we decided another one was the best idea, so found this immaculate 46,000 mile, 2007, 2 owner car on eBay and won it for £1480.

We have covered around 200,000 miles in Myvis and know how reliable they are - and know their (minor) faults.

As expected, there are a few minor issues on this Myvi, which match all the others we have owned:

1/ The doors lock randomly due to the rubber shrouds on the interior light door switches being too stiff to allow the plungers out far enough to activate the interior light, so the car thinks the doors have not been opened/the car unlocked by accident, so re-locks them after 30 seconds. An easy 30 second fix of pulling the rubber shroud off the four door switches so the plunger activates fully. Sorted.

2/ The driver's door electric window switch packs are poor and the contacts corrode; many were replaced under warranty, but corrode again. Ordered a used one to fit.

3/ Boot lid riser struts lazy, do not lift the boot but do hold it up if assisted. We don't mind this, but could spend £30 on eBay to buy better struts, which are a 2 minute fit.

4/ Exhaust manifold heatshield rattles, but are fixed in seconds by winding fuse wire around the washer of the mesh fittings to remove the looseness. Sorted.

5/ Where the bonnet shuts on the plastic stops, the style of stop breaks the paint of the bonnet underside; some Kurust and thick paint has sorted it.

6/ A few cabin rattles were easily sorted, as they were down to the top dash speaker covers, which needed a touch of double sided tape, and the glovebox lid, which needed the catch bending slightly.

Even though this car was not serviced for 4 years with oil as black as pitch and thick as gravy, had rusty discs and was in desperate need of some mechanical love, it ran perfectly on the 130 mile journey home, without any fault codes on diagnostics, or any odd noises or smells.

These are superbly engineered cars, using the last-gen 1298cc VVTi (DVVT in Perodua talk) Toyota Yaris engine, which is chain driven and uses cables for throttle and clutch, so avoids a cambelt and unnecessary electronics and hydraulics. As such, home servicing is an absolute doddle and everything is accessible even by parking the car with one wheel up a kerb - the oil filter can be easily found and removed/fitted without ramps, tools or removing any covers.

I have replaced the very badly eroded original spark plugs, replaced the air filter, engine oil and filter, cleaned the throttle assembly, lubricated the throttle cable and return spring, checked the battery, coolant and brake fluid, checked tyre pressures, lights and all electric functions, replaced three wiper blades, flushed the washer reservoir, adjusted the handbrake (adjuster is a 10mm bolt inside the car) and repaired a broken engine to body earth strap. All simple DIY jobs, and a pleasure to do as it really is one of the easiest cars to work on.

The car is now running like a watch and stands me at around £1550 for a modern, low mileage, quality Japanese engineered car with air-con and loads of space.

I'll sort a machine polish and full valet, fit some parcel shelf lifters off a Sirion, upgrade the H4 bulbs to Philips Xtremes, re-gas the air-con if needed and attend to a couple of stone chips soon.

For now, it looks new, drives perfectly, has loads of power and no rattles, squeaks or smells. We know we'll love owning it as per the previous Myvis, and it has already drawn loads of positive comments on how smart it looks.

If you can DIY service and sort the minor foibles that occur, the Myvi is a superbly reliable, comfortable, well equipped car with no cambelt to change, top drawer engineering and very low running costs. The road tax is £125pa and the MPG around 50.

If the minor issues were cured, the sound insulation and outer door (dust) seals improved and side airbags standard, it would be a perfect car.

As it is, it is pretty damned close for a town car, and the purchase price and running costs make it amazing. We've covered over 200k in Myvis now with no costs other than servicing, tyres and brakes - and no damned costly cambelt either! Out of warranty now, this is the first time I've paid for a window switch (£35) and may cough up the £30 for new boot struts one day - but that's IT; no other failures, no clutch, no bushes, nothing other than 10,000 mile servicing, which costs less than £50 for DIY or £120ish at the garage.

I'd certainly trust a Perodua Myvi (which uses Japanese tech) over a Dacia Sandero (which uses old Renault tech) all day long. We test drove one and it has better safety, ESP and a better boot, but the Myvi crucifies it in every other area.

Here's to the next long ongoing report...

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Review Date: 24th January, 2014

2006 Perodua Myvi SXi 1.3 petrol


Great Japanese engineering and happy ownership - as well as being so cheap!

General Comments:

This is my seventh Perodua of 91 cars and complements our other 2007 Myvi (see report "so far..", run now by my wife and my Parents 2010 Myvi (see "Toyota Passo...")

We have had great service from our Peroduas and feel the brand is almost a secret for those with insider knowledge. You get Toyota/Daihatsu engineering under the umbrella of a budget brand; in the same way Skoda used VW and Audi tech with a different brand image; the only difference is that Skoda is well advertised and well known, and Perodua is a mystery to most people.

The Myvi is sold in other territories as a Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Boon, and in the UK as a Daihatsu Sirion and Subaru Justy. Detail differences are obvious, such as the lights, mirrors, bumpers and fabrics, but the oily bits are identical on 1.3 versions, which all use the 1298cc Toyota Yaris twin cam VVTi unit. Under the skin, the ECU and electronics are all Daihatsu stickered and most parts are interchangeable, meaning part supply is easy enough.

We ran two identical 2008 Sirions (see "Easily...") and were highly impressed with the total quality of these and the extra kit over the Myvi; Isofix, side 'bags, boot-light, clock, rear headrests, maplights, trip computer, economy gauge, 5 year warranty/breakdown cover etc, but Daihatsu are no longer available in the UK and the 2009 price difference was £3000 more (like-for-like model) for the Sirion.

The Myvi gains LED rear lights and LED indicators in the mirrors and looks less gawky as the bumpers are more stylish, plus the rear end is much tidier with the number plate on the bootlid, not on the rear bumper. The interior trim is much more attractive too and the Myvi looks much more upmarket with the combination of better looks, better trim and the LED lights.

This 2006 Mocca silver (dark grey) car has total history and looks absolutely as new. I bought it privately off ebay with 35,000 miles for less than £3000 including 12 months MOT, road tax and the costs of fetching it.

I have driven it for 2,000 miles and have fully inspected it throughout for issues:

1/ Steering needed centering; done

2/ Tyre pressures slightly out; done

3/ Door switches lazy; need modifying; see 2007 report

4/ Boot lift struts lazy; see 2007 report

5/ Key remote lazy; £1.00 CR1616 battery fitted; done

6/ Wiper blades poor; need replacing.

Otherwise fault free, very quiet running, starts instantly, 50mpg, looks and drives as new with zero rattles or wear.

I will have to fit my LED sidelight W5Ws and Extreme Brilliance H4 headlight bulbs, hardwire the TomTom and source a Daihatsu Sirion parcel shelf lift string, otherwise not much else to do.

It has been much admired; people seems to love the dark grey/slight coffee tinge metallic finish (called Mocca silver) and I much prefer it to the colour that replaced it, which my Parents have on the 2010 car-Medallion Silver; this has a bluey tinge and looks cheaper.

Another Perodua, another Myvi, another report...!

My life seems to be sourcing and selling cars for myself, family and friends, and we just cannot match the Myvi on price with anything else.

Highly recommended! Updates to follow..

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Review Date: 29th May, 2010

5th Jun 2010, 15:12


OS roof rubber strip was slightly loose and sticking up, so pushed it back into the roof groove at the office.

Got home, 20 miles later; no rubber strip.

Damn. Will have to source one somewhere...

12th Jun 2010, 03:08

Re: rubber roof strip.

I simply rang the ever helpful main dealer; Shakespeare Lincoln who advised the part was £7-odd +vat, plus a couple of clips; I have paid over the phone and they will post it to me.

Cheap enough!