12th Jun 2010, 03:20

Tyres 175/65/14 82H.

The earlier Myvis were supplied with Sime Astars, the 2010 car we have has Goodyear Eagle NCTs.


Sime Astars last forever, but perish and crack, we have 40,000 out of fronts, 60,000+ out of rear.

They are as quiet running and hard as nails, but have very poor grip and are lethal on wet roads, and especially on standing water.

Goodyear Eagle NCTs

To be updated, quiet running, good feedback.

BF Goodrich G-Grip

Very grippy, but horrendously noisy with immense roar-we cannot wait for these to wear out.

Avon CR322

To be updated, but grippy and run quietly.

We are just swapping tyres around on our 2006 and 2007 cars, as the remaining 2 Astars on each must go now as they are dangerously perished.

We are putting the two Avons on the back of the 2007, which retains the two noisy BF Goodrich on the front, and fitting four very posh Continental EcoContact 3s to the 2006 car.

These were recommended to us and were £214 for four fitted including balancing via Kwik Fit online, using searched voucher codes.

Will update soon.

1st Jul 2010, 10:27

I am not loving the Continental EcoContact3s.

They are extremely quiet and stable, making the car perfect on fast A roads or motorways, but on side roads (most of my use) you really have to battle with them to turn in, with the steering strongly centring making my wrists ache. There is little steering feel, and very slow turn in, making it easy to run wide after using other tyres, so twisties soon become tiring with these Eco3s on.

Damn. These are supposed to be premium engineered tyres. I wish I had gone for the Continental SportContacts which were the same price, but reported to turn in well with plenty of feel, but to wear out much quicker than the Ecos.

The Avon CR322 Ecos and Goodyear NCT2s suit the Myvi better. I will try the SportContacts next time around.

7th Sep 2010, 14:40

Fitted the battery and all is well.

Bizarrely, the radio held its memory when the battery was swapped over, which was handy - not sure how though?!

Starts fine now, but like the 2007 car we owned, it has got slightly slower to start as it ages. It is overdue a service however, so I will get it sorted soon, as the main dealer only charges about £80 for this.

Otherwise, no faults, and running well at 40,000 miles.

9th Nov 2010, 05:46

Just fitted 4x Avon Ice Touring winter tyres on our spare set of wheels kindly donated by the seller of our 2010 Myvi (see our other report).

We have been monitoring tyres on our Myvis, and have used a variety of all weather tyres up to now; this car was running Continental EcoContact 3s, the 2010 car factory fit Eagle NCT3s.

We will see which we prefer in winter; the Avons or the Hankook Icebears on the 2010 car.

I am running Debica Frigo2s on our Rover; these are also available for the Myvi size (175 65 14) and are cheaper.

I will work out which winter tyre suits us best and update soon.

Otherwise this car runs 100% with no faults; better than the 2010 car (!) and has just been serviced by myself using genuine Perodua parts and fluids.

Note: also fitted both child seats now; Britax Prince and a Graco rear facing on the HP base with leg. We still manage in the Myvi with two children, the seats, a large pushchair and all our "stuff".

We love our 2006 Myvi - it cost less than £3000 and would still sell for around this privately, whilst providing comfortable, practical and economical motoring for a young family. My aging parents love their 2010 car for its ease of use, simple controls and easy access through the huge doors.

All in all, top.

13th Nov 2010, 11:55

Well, I am surprised. It is possible to fit a forward facing child seat, as well as a rear facing child seat, and STILL have enough space for a full size adult to sit comfortably in the middle of the rear with plenty of leg space behind a 6' front passenger and driver. Find me another supermini that does this; regardless of price...

We measured the inside of the Myvi, and the inside of our friend's 2009 Focus, and there is minimal difference in cabin space, but the Focus boot is much bigger. The Myvi boot does still fit a complete pram travel system, nappy bag, coats, toys etc - find a budget hatch that does this too...

The Myvi really is a £6000 new hatchback that a small family can use as the main car - it has surprised us and amazed our friends with bigger cars - especially the cabin space, standard kit such as air-con, all electrics and a good stereo, plus niceties such as the LED lights, split fold/magic rear seats etc.

Superb car, and we love it.

30th Dec 2010, 23:53


Now sold for £3800, to include my upgrades of better bulbs, mat/boot liner, new Continental summer tyres and new Avon winter tyres on new rims, parcel shelf strings etc.

So 7 months/7,000 miles motoring, including all costs; insurance, tax, tyres, servicing, extras, misc, etc has cost absolutely nothing again.

A wonderful car, much enjoyed and hugely recommended.

Very nearly bought a 3800 mile 2009/59 Myvi 1.3 SXi with photo repair of very minor bump with bolt on bonnet and bumper only for £3200 off ebay - that was the start bid and it did not sell; it was under warranty and huge value.

We are planning family holidays and regular Poland trips* so have bought a mint ex-motability 2006/06 30k mile Chevrolet Tacuma MPV in lovely Ice Blue from a main dealer with FSH, new MOT, 12 months tax (££!), a full service and warranty for the princely sum of £2500 with a full £70 tank of fuel (that'll do 200 miles then...) and mats thrown it. It is going in today for a £845 LPG gas conversion* to give us equivalent economy approaching the Myvi.

That's why we sold the Myvi - we got a people carrier only two months older with less miles, much more space and similar fuel costs with the new LPG conversion - and had £355 back from the deal to keep banked for any misc costs.

*In Poland petrol is similar price to UK £1.25/litre, but LPG, which is now 80p/litre in UK is only approx 50p/litre, which is a great saving.

So goodbye to our lovely 2006 Myvi - we will miss it greatly; like we missed our 2007 Myvi. Our family retains the 2010 Myvi.

20th Feb 2013, 09:02

Interesting... Are all the radio parts and dash for the Perodua Myvi "made" by Daihatsu. Would a Perodua fascia trim plate fit a Daihatsu Sirion? The radios "look" identical... Everything looks aesthetically similar except for the rev meter in the Daihatsu Sirion. What says you ;) ?

11th Feb 2015, 22:04

Can confirm the fascia is the same; I bought a pattern one off eBay and fitted a Pioneer double-DIN unit (which has a clock too!!).

The ride on my 2010 Myvi is good on smooth surfaces, but hit a pothole and the whole car shakes, along with my fillings. So I'm looking to fit some European dampers to the front to start with - Sachs or Boges. Of course no-one quotes a Myvi, so I'm assuming (hoping) Sirion ones will fit...