1993 Rover - Austin Metro L 1.1


A cheap fun drive!


Timing belt changed at 64,700 Miles through choice. Cost £130 as I put it though an authorized dealer for the warranty as I consider this a very important part.

Bad rust on back 2 rear wheel arches. Severe rust along the very front of the bonnet. All has now been repaired by myself (very easy, I'm hopeless with cars!) and look as good as new. Cost around £30 in total (Body filler + spray paint).

General Comments:

Buying this car little over 2 months ago, I managed to pick it up cheaply second hand. Being 18, a car with low insurance was required which was one of the main points of buying this car.

Although its not too hot in the looks factor, I find my car more comfortable, nippier, economical, cheaper to run and more fun to drive than my friends 106's, 306's, Clio's, Passat's and Nissan Sunny's.

If anyone is looking for a cheap little runabout, I strongly suggest a Rover Metro as long as you can keep it garaged. Rust is a nightmare!

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2002

1993 Rover - Austin Metro Quest 1.1 petrol


Simplicity at a very low price!


The exhaust was rusty when purchased. This was easily replaced, but the Catalytic convertor fitted to the car pushed the cost up.

The new exhaust is very noisy, and the slightest bump will cause it to jump about, making a dull banging noise.

The car had obviously been in an accident before I bought it, and the front passenger side wing had been replaced. Unfortunately it was slight longer than the original, meaning the indicator wouldn't sit properly against the headlight.

General Comments:

For a car of this price and size, the Rover Metro is quite comfortable. The interior is basic, but tasteful.

Due to its simplicity, certain extras where missed, such as the rev counter, and intermitant front wipers!

The Metro is extremelly cheap to run. It's in a low insurance and tax group, spears are plentiful and very cheap, and fuel consumption is around 50 miles per gallon!

For a 1.1 litre engine the performance is quite good, although it only has 4 gears.

Due to the car's small size and weight, the steering handles as if it was power assisted.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2002

1st Feb 2005, 14:45

Have just purchased a Rover metro quest having recently passed my test. This little car has done everything I've asked of it exceeding all my expectations for a car of this size. Yes the vehicle is small and basic, but for the money paid I couldn't of asked for more. The car is on a K plate with just 33,000 genuine miles from new with full service history and receipts. My only pick - up - point would be the slight rusting that's come through on the rear arches. But for a car this age, you can't expect everything. Highly recommended!!!

1993 Rover - Austin Metro Impression 3-door 1.1 petrol


It is so damn good, my next car has got to be a brand new one to justify a change!


The Metro has been reliable so far and the last time it went into the garage was to have a punctured tyre fixed.

General Comments:

The K-Series engine is a real gem for its size and age. Smooth, refined and unobtrusive, it feels like a bigger engine from a new car.

The handling is sharp and kart-like and the wheels are nicely-weighted for a car without power steering.

It's a pity the interior isn't quite up-to-date, made worse by the poor driving position. However, being an Impression edition, my Metro comes with full velour-trimmed seats and intermittent wipers as well as color-coded bumpers and wing mirrors.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2001

17th Dec 2001, 10:35

Metro Impression edition? The only impression these cars can do is of one with no redeeming features! These cars are not good, I SAID, THESE CARS ARE NOT GOOD!

18th Dec 2001, 11:44

This guy is obviously very pleased with his Metro which is all that matters. In my opinion, they were a good car let down by build problems and poor marketing.

19th Dec 2001, 10:47

If theyre so good, why have you said you wouldn't buy another?

9th Jan 2002, 08:35

Whoever said that metro's are not good, is mistaken. They are good little cars and what is more important is that they are reliable. Oh, by the way, I wonder what car you drive.

22nd Jan 2002, 09:51

He/She probably drives a lada and is too ashamed to say so!!