1993 Rover - Austin Metro GTi 1.4 16v


Could have been one of the greats!


Had an accident which wrecked the front end. Repaired after 3 months and £2000.

Cam belt hit pieces of broken cover after accident and bent all 8 valves.

Gearbox developed whine which was not cured by clutch change (suspected release bearing)

Inertia switch plug blades weak causing car to cut out intermittently.

General Comments:

Very quick car for its size and out shines any equivalent car of the day.

Running costs not helped by small fuel tank.

If the gearbox was bulletproof it would have been up there with Volkswagen on reliability.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

24th Sep 2007, 13:56

How does the size of the fuel tank affect the running costs?

1993 Rover - Austin Metro GTi 16V MPI 1.4 16V


A very underestimated car


Head gasket and radius arms.

General Comments:

Great cheap little car, had a head gasket and radius arms at 45,000 due to previous owner neglection. Covered 300,00 miles a year of pure thrash for two years after that, and never had a problem. Power all the way through the gears, but needed to be revved. If you are going to buy one, make sure it's the MPI and not the SPI, the difference in performance is very noticable. I lost count of the times I left the owners of much larger more powerful cars wondering how a little Metro just left them standing. I sold it in Jan for a 22GTi which just isn't as much fun.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2000

12th Jan 2001, 06:43

I've just bought a Metro GTi 16v MPi and totally agree with your comments.

16th Jan 2001, 14:04

I can totally agree with all positive comments made about this little pocket rocket. I have owned a '92 model which I modified to 130 bhp with cam, filter, and exhaust mods, the only problem was the handling (a bit scary!)

I now have a 94/95 model, the last to be produced I think? I have been told that this GTi MPi 16v has the Honda Civic engine which as yet I haven't had confirmed, but the power, acceleration and comfort is far more superior to my last one (before mods).

I would like to modify the bodywork, wheels and suspension, but as far as I know there is nobody that can help!

1993 Rover - Austin Metro 1.1s 1.1 petrol


Suspension needed repressurising.

Battery replaced under warranty.

Severe rust in bodywork.

General Comments:

Could have been a great little car, mechanically very reliable, superb to drive with brilliant K-series engine. But rust, rust and more rust. If only the bodywork quality could have been better, I would still have this car. As it is I have replaced it with a Nissan, but I still miss my Metro. Come on Rover give us some decent bodywork and I'll be back for more!!

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Review Date: 17th July, 1999