Metro L 1.1

Absolute terrible

197 words

Metro Nightfire 1.1 petrol

Great first car

72 words

Metro Rio 1.1 spi

Another great Rover!

193 words, 3 comments

Metro Tahiti Special 1.1

Keep it serviced and it will not let you down.

157 words

Metro GTi 1.4 16v Multipoint

Powerful engine and highly understated!

388 words, 8 comments

Metro L 1.1

An excellent first car, very easy to drive

58 words

Metro L 1.1

You can't really go wrong for what you pay for them

137 words

Metro GTi 1.4 petrol

Outstanding in all respects

80 words

Metro Li Auto 1.4

A heap of junk

166 words, 3 comments

Metro GTi 16v, multipoint fuel injection

Highly underrated little scorcher

141 words

Metro Tahiti Special 1.1 petrol

A nippy little go-kart, not for motorways

134 words, 1 comment

Metro CD 1.4 diesel

A reliable runabout

180 words, 6 comments

Metro Tahiti limited edition 1.1 petrol

No ordinary Metro! Bloody brilliant!

120 words

Metro Tahiti Limited Edition 1.1 petrol

An ideal first car for a new driver

88 words, 1 comment

Metro GTi 16v MPi 1.4

Reliable, cheap and fun pocket rocket!

65 words, 1 comment

Metro S 3 door 1.1

An amazing first car

152 words

Metro CD 1.4

Underestimated and cheap to run

139 words, 1 comment

Metro S 1.1 petrol

A very fun, reliable car

116 words, 1 comment