1996 Suzuki X-90 1.6


Reliable, trusty friend


Electric windows are slow and get stuck sometimes; driver's side doesn't really open past an inch.

Boot does not always stay up when open.

Clutch pedal once broke off, but was welded back on and is still going strong 4 years later.

General Comments:

Firstly this is the most reliable car I have ever owned in my life. It's also the longest amount of time I have owned a single car.

It has caused guys to laugh at times and say 'it's very you' or 'what is it?' and girls to coo at it, but it's like my best friend. I have the blue model and still love the colour to this day. I am loathe to replace this car as I've never owned such a reliable car.

In the years I've owned it, I've replaced the tyres, one set of windscreen wipers, one exhaust back box (I live where there are a lot of speed bumps), brake pads and discs, and coil springs. All due to wear and tear; the coil springs being the last thing on an M.O.T. That's not bad in 7 years of ownership!

Thanks to the price of petrol, I get around 50 miles to £10 of fuel these days, that's my only gripe. That and the road tax as it's a 1.6 and cost me around £135 for 6 months.

It's not the fastest car in the world, but I have easily got it to 90mph with a tail wind LOL, and she can hold her own in the fast lane if necessary. It's not as tight to drive as a newer car anymore, but I can't help but love this car. I know exactly what she can and can't do, and it suits me fine.

Amazing sound from speakers in such a small space; drowns out any engine noise at speed no problem. Great visibility and driving position, and so much fun with the roof off in summer. In winter I'm the only one with no problems in the snow thanks to the 4x4 mode. The heater is great too.

I love that everyone knows it's me when they see me out and about, as you don't see many of these cars.

I do toy with the idea of upgrading to a newer car sometimes, but I'm scared to in case it's not as reliable. And the fact I would miss her so much. I think I'd cry if I ever saw her driven away. She's my baby for sure. Best car I've ever had. Not a sports car, not a fast car, not a posh car, not stylish even to some... but it's a car that loves you back :).

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Review Date: 28th August, 2013

8th Nov 2014, 12:39

Hello, very unlucky with your reliability, we had to replace both rear shock absorbers, the door mirror, headlights bulbs and one taillight bulb. Even after all that expense and worry, we bought another Suzuki.

1996 Suzuki X-90


I LOVE this car to death!


So far nothing and I've had it a year.

My only slight problem is the boot doesn't stay up every time and occasionally slowly closes. Apparently a common problem.

General Comments:

I LOVE this car! I haven't grown tired of looking at it yet (I've got a blue one). I love seeing it in the car park waiting for me after work! (I think you either love it or hate it).

I find the seat's very supportive on my back (I'm 5' 6") and have found it comfy on long journeys.

I guess the interior fabric is a little dated, but it doesn't bother me.

The sun shades come in very handy in the summer as the sun can glare through the roof. The roof is great though and comes off and goes on SO easily. Storage bags are provided to store the roof sections in and they fit easily in the boot or behind the seats.

It does 70-80mph comfortably, but I haven't taken it past that. I work about 6 miles away from where I live and I get to work in 10 minutes, have done it in 6 minutes on a clear day. I fill it up every week for around 25 pounds.

The heater is amazing, is very warm and heats up in minutes.

It's very spacious on the inside for a 2 seater and you certainly don't feel closed in with the glass roof. There's plenty of space in the boot, it easily accommodates the weekly shop. Easy to park although the back panels do make it a little difficult to check your blind spot as they are quite wide.

I can't say anything really bad about this car in the year I've had it. I hope I have it for many more years to come.

I love this car and even if I won the lottery I wouldn't change it!

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Review Date: 9th November, 2006

11th Apr 2007, 15:16

The boot on the x90 can be kept open by the torsion bars being swapped around.

25th Jul 2009, 10:52

I want to buy x90 but I am 1.90m : (