20th Apr 2008, 01:46

The car is falling apart and you hated it so much that you gave it to your Daughter. Is it just me or...

18th May 2009, 21:49

The 4X4 is useless off-road??? I'm not sure how much off-roading you've done...

I've driven in white-out condition blizzards, down tractor paths made out of rich & black topsoil, hill-climbing on red-dog clay, minor rock-crawling, crossed some creeks and did some general off-roading too. The X-90 never let me down!!! These things are rock-solid 4X4s. It's scary what these little monsters are capable of... in the right hands.

If you're sensible about off-roading, the X-90 will do everything you want it to & then some. It's not a Willys Jeep, but it sure is stout like one. Too bad Suzuki stopped making these little brutes.

Perhaps off-roading is different in the UK? I never had a problem with mine... but I grew up on a farm in Kansas. I know a thing or two about mud, snow and off-roading. I am rebuilding mine from an accident, but I would buy another in a heartbeat!!!

2nd Aug 2015, 03:57

Indeed, I read this and was wondering how much he loved his little girl.

If I had the money, I also would give my girl a X-90, but that is because I love the car and her very much.

9th Sep 2017, 21:53

TODAY - 2017 - they are becoming EXTREMELY RARE and COLLECTABLE. Only 7,200 were made - mine will stay with me forever, and anyone who says these are JUNK has NEVER had one or they are jealous. ONE HELL of an SUV and MORE desirable than EVER. Mine has 58,000 and I got it for $1,700 -- what a STEAL...

10th Sep 2017, 15:53

They are about as popular now on the used car market as they were when available new: not much. Mainly attractive to those who want a seldom-seen and somewhat cartoonish-looking vehicle enough to overlook its shortcomings.

Rare and "collectable"? Well, the mere fact that you just got a very low mileage one for $1700 would seem to indicate otherwise.