1997 Suzuki X-90 1.6 from North America


Great Car


I have only owned the car for about three months now. So far so good. Have done nothing mechanical to it other than the oil and filter changes every 5000 kilometers as advised by the dealer.

Power Windows seem to be rather slow. While surfing on the internet I notice the motor kits for these always seem to be on auction so replacement of these seems likely.

General Comments:

Disappointed in the trunk as there is no spring that allows the trunk to stay open. You have to hold it with one hand while loading with the other. Can be rather difficult at times. I made a stick to use to hold it up to solve the problem. I thought for the money though it should have been something Suzuki did automatically.

My passenger side t-bar roof leaks slightly in heavy rainfall, but nothing major.

So really just a couple of small things wrong, but overall an awesome vehicle.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2004

20th Sep 2004, 04:24

There is an X-90 owners group on Yahoo that has a detailed description of swapping the torsion rods that hold the truck up. When you swap the left and right rods the trunk lid pops open and stays open. My car only has 24,000 miles on it and won't stay up so I suspect that the rods were installed wrong at the factory rather than think that they've weakened in such a short time.

4th Nov 2004, 15:50

I have a 1996 X90 made the Jan. of 96 and in the trunk there is a gas charged shock to hold the trunk open.

I think suzuki put it in for the extra weight of the spoiler, so check it out if yours has one. It would be on the left side of the trunk near the spear tire.

4th Nov 2004, 15:59

Anyone know when suzuki start to build the x90?? I know they came out for sale in 1996 but did thay start to build in 95 some time??

1996 Suzuki X-90 from North America


I loved that car! Didn't get rid of it because I wanted to! I wrecked it on ice


Power window went out.

General Comments:

Good on gas mileage.

Doesn't take much space for parking.

4X4 helped us get unstuck a few times.

Won trophies in car shows.

Has made couple hours trips.

Not recommended for tall people. It isn't a very big car.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2004

28th May 2004, 10:38

Everytime I see an X-90 on the road I expect to see Roger Rabbit behind the wheel--the car/truck or whatever it is looks like it came straight out of that movie!

1996 Suzuki X-90 Targa Coupe 1.6i 16v/4 from UK and Ireland


Cheap and nasty in general, buy it secondhand and run it into the ground


Brakes replaced at 60,000 miles.

Bits of rust started to appear this year.

Trim began to fall apart at 45,000 miles.

Body work is beginning to flex.

New screen-wipers fitted at 55,000 miles.

Rear bumper is starting to fall off.

Engine is starting to sound a bit noisy.

General Comments:

This 4x4 is useless off road and the suspension makes it a less than tantilising vehicle to drive on tarmac.

This can be noisy and not paticularly fast, though it does not drink too much fuel, I can get about 35-7 mpg with this vehicle.

The seats are not too comfortable and the interior looks cheap and nasty.

Lacks in general refinement and cost me 11,000 pounds new.

Several small problems, now I have given it to my daughter as it is so bad in my opinion.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2003

22nd Jan 2004, 09:48

The X-90 was a sales dud in the United States, only lasted two years, very rarely seen on the road now. Love it or hate it styling + no back seat seemed to be it's biggest drawbacks, along with Suzuki's limited dealer network. Seems like US customers will resist buying a car with no back seat, even if the back seat in many small cars sold here is barely large enough for children! The few I have seen for sale do not have a/c, which seems odd for a late model car...