1998 Suzuki X-90 from North America




Oxygen sensor had to be replaced day I bought it, and a year later the power windows were replaced.

General Comments:

I love this car. So cute and ugly at the same time.

Great gas mileage and loads of fun.

Plenty of room and the t-top is so easy to remove.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2008

1996 Suzuki X-90 from North America


This is my 2nd 1996 X90. I love driving it


Had to replace one tire sensor after the ABS light came on and stayed on.

Had to get new condenser for the A/C.

General Comments:

The car is fun to drive!

The 4-wheel drive option makes it a good choice for winter driving.

I like the unique look of the car, and it's quite a conversation piece.

It's great on gas.

Takes just a few minutes to remove the two t-tops and enjoy cruising in good weather.

The only negative for me is that it could use a bigger engine.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2008

19th Jan 2008, 15:43

Another great Suzuki product that was never appreciated, but will give you years of reliability.

1997 Suzuki X-90 1.6 L4 from North America


A lot of fun



General Comments:

This car is a lot of FUN.

Old ladies stare at in parking lots, young people give it a nod, everyone wants to know what it is. (All badging except for the S in the grille has been removed).

It doesn't have great acceleration, but what do you expect from 95 Horse Power? When it does get up to speed, it will cruise at 75MPH.

Mine is the 4X4 version, and will go anywhere in the mud or snow.

Riding with the T-Tops removed is a blast. The wind blowing in your face and the sun shining in is all great.

The X-90 is a great to drive back and forth to work.

And you still have a trunk to stop and get a few groceries.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2007

30th May 2007, 21:36

Ehhh. Had one. Slow. Noisy. Cramped inside. No luggage room to speak of. Terrible gas mileage (22-23 mpg) considering how small it was.

Sold it to a high school girl, saw it a few months later covered with Tweety Bird and Taz stickers, which were probably appropriate...

31st Aug 2013, 20:46

"covered with Tweety Bird and Taz stickers, which were probably appropriate" LOL!!!

1998 Suzuki X-90 from North America


Admire it, but don't buy it!

General Comments:

Cute, easy to park, gets lots of attention.

Surprisingly spacious & comfortable interior.

Slow, no power (don't get auto trans), rough ride, terrible gas mileage for a tiny vehicle (under 20 city, 25 at most highway).

With T-tops out, wind hits directly in your eyes.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2007

29th May 2007, 15:18

Didn't you drive the car before you bought it?

Even a short trip should have revealed the things you are complaining about.

Read my review to see how a happy X-90 owner feels.


3rd Jun 2007, 14:42

I own the x/90 for 9 years since new. it just keeps running without any problem. I had 1 oil change each year and have purchased 3 batteries and a set of tires. I hope it runs for 9 more years. lsp26@webtv.net.

1998 Suzuki X-90 JLX 1.6L 16v from North America


Completely impractical, but fun


The carpet has gotten really nasty and was removed.

Cruise control doesn't work.

General Comments:

The car handles like a lightweight SUV, and the acceleration is barely adequate.

The 95 horsepower motor is too weak for the car.

It is a very fun vehicle to play around in, can go anywhere in 4wd.

T-tops are nice for summer.

No AC makes the car unbearably hot in hot weather.

The seats are pretty comfortable, I drove 8 hours to North Carolina and back with no problems.

The manual transmission makes the car feel faster than it is, but it still feels sluggish, especially when compared to my '86 Civic Si.

The cars, err... unusual styling gets a lot of stares.

Two seats and tiny trunk make traveling difficult.

Averages 25 MPG, not really incredible, given the tiny motor.

Wind can be a problem when travelling on the interstates, car tends to buffet easily.

Interior is loud and feels cheap.

Did I mention that the car is underpowered?

Girls love the cuteness, guys will hate it.

All in all, it's a good commuter car, and can handle itself off-road, if need be.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2007