1996 Suzuki X-90 1.6 from Spain






Electric window mechanism.

General Comments:

I absolutely love this car to bits, bought it in England and 6 months later moved to Spain, so Suz came to Spain too, she loves it here. My car has given me so many memories. Still in pristine condition 1 year ago, she had a re-spray, which cost 1,200 euros.

I work in property management and am up & down the coast every single day. Has never let me down.

If I sold her I would only get 1,000 pounds or euros if I´m lucky.

So I´m going to keep her until she goes to the scrap yard in the sky.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2009

2nd Aug 2015, 03:18

You wrote some years ago: "So I'm going to keep her until she goes to the scrap yard in the sky."

I hope she is still with you, living a nice life in Spain.

Maybe one day I will have the possibility to let her meet mine on a nice coast drive with an open roof.

1996 Suzuki X-90 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


A little beauty, and am so glad they stopped making them - as they are more distinct now


The electric window died and was replaced.

General Comments:

Well what can I say...

One of the best little runners I have enjoyed owning since my VW in the late '70's.

Had no problems apart from the electric window, which died, but managed to get another from a person wrecking one.

Kept car in its original 1996 condition and was sorry to sell it - will be buying another 1996 X-90 as soon as I can..

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Review Date: 25th May, 2009

1997 Suzuki X-90 4 cylinder from North America


I love this car!!


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

OK, call me crazy and laugh at me, but this is the best car EVER. (Well, maybe just for me). It admittedly isn't a race car, but that's its only shortcoming. It's perfectly comfortable doing 75-85 on the freeway, and if you get the manual transmission, you can get the hang of speed shifting it, so it keeps up with most cars from a stoplight. (Don't get an automatic). I'm convinced that this little SUV came out a decade before its time. With Smart cars, Mini Coopers and other small cars gaining popularity these days, this little car makes sense -- and at a fraction of the cost of a new car.

Here's what I like so much about it:

Uses regular gas.

Gets between 30-35 mpg.

Easy to drive, very comfortable, lots of headroom.

I even like the funky "retro-80s" interior.

Great heater and A/C.

Everyone thinks it's a new model of car.

The T-tops are awesome! It's a convertible SUV.

Extremely dependable.

Easily serviced.

Parts are cheeeeep and easy to get.

Easy to squeeze into tight parking places.

It's so danged cute.

People love it and ask me about it all the time.

Leaves a small "carbon footprint".

Easy to trick out if you want to do that.

Totally affordable fun.

Plenty of room in the trunk and behind the seat.

Rides high and has big windows all around, so the visibility is great.

Great Alpine stereo.

Practical for a single person or a couple with no kids.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2009

6th Mar 2012, 00:06

Hi -- I'm the same person who wrote the review above. It's 3 years later. This little car continues to put a big smile on my face (as well as the faces of others). I still get questions and quizzical looks all the time when I'm driving it... "what IS that"?? I love this car as much (or more) than ever, especially now with gas prices going out of control (again).

The car continues to be absolutely dependable and practically trouble-free. I'll be replacing the struts soon -- not unheard of for a 15-year-old car with over 77.000 miles. The "check engine" light has come on (my mechanic says it's probably caused by an occasional glitch in the MAP sensor), but it still runs fine.

Sure, automotive writers and critics say the X-90 was one of the worst or ugliest cars of all time... but you know what? They can kiss my Suzuki. :)

I will probably keep this car 'til I'm either too old to drive, or I die. Whichever comes first.

7th Mar 2012, 20:32

I just bought a '96 X-90 and love it; my family not so much. My brother in law thinks it's a goofy looking car, and ridicules it every chance he gets. I don't care, because it makes me smile when I look at it.

It is a fun car to drive, and I live in Oregon so snow/ice driving is now no problem. I just bought another one, 2wd only, but I am toying with converting it to 4wd. This car has gotten under my skin, much to my family's/friends chagrin!

These cars have an issue with the EGR system getting clogged with soot, that could be causing your check engine light to go off. A Google search will provide more info...

27th Mar 2012, 16:03

A smile is the typical first reaction to seeing an X-90.

It's the outright laughter that always follows that gets kinda tiresome...

16th Jan 2016, 17:33

Hi, how do you open the trunk? I've found the handle for opening the hood in the glove compartment, but the handle for the trunk I just can't find!

29th Oct 2017, 02:45

Insert the key and unlock the trunk, lifting at the same time.

You can lift by the license plate indentation or use the spoiler.

There is no handle.