2005 Tata Safari LX 1.9 turbo diesel


A piece of crap!


This car has been a nightmare since I bought it.

I knew it was not going to be a fast model, but I didn't know that it doesn't go uphill.

The wheel tracking/alignment was not right since purchase, but the dealership claims that I probably drove over a stone or a pot hole and caused the fault... it's a 4 X 4, with two settings and a two wheel drive setting. It's meant to be driven off road (not that it has), but would I even consider chancing that in this vehicle?

It has to be serviced every 5000 miles according to the manufacturer, because if you don't the thing will die of respiratory failure.

It has leaked oil since its 1st service, mostly form the turbo charger. At one point I was putting up to 5litres of oil a week into it just to stay on the road.

There is a problem with the gear box, not my diagnosis but their dealerships, and TATA are refusing to replace the gearbox even though its still under warranty.

The air bag controller is faulty since purchased, despite having a new one fitted.

Buying simple spares such as an air filter is impossible. My nearest main dealer is over 90 miles away. So I tried to get my car serviced recently, but the garage couldn't source the air filter locally.

Now I am waiting for both TATA and the dealership to tell me that I could have gotten a new gearbox under warranty, in 6 months time, when the warranty is up.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2008

1st Feb 2014, 20:08

I must say I disagree. My Tata has been a most wonderful car; up there with the best of them for my workmen. I don't know what people are complaining about. After all, they own British Steel and Land Rover, which was a shaky, shoddy affair at best before, so they can only improve it.

Must go, toodle pip.

30th Dec 2014, 20:09

Does anyone know the specification for engine oil and anti-freeze for the Tata Safari 2004 4x4 1.9 diesel?

Many thanks.

2001 Tata Safari LX 2lt turbo diesel


Excellent value for money and a work horse


Water pipe from heater matrix to radiator split at 58000 miles

Exhaust replaced at 55000 miles

Steering idler arm replaced about every 15000 miles.

General Comments:

Not the fastest machine in the world, but around the country lanes that I live its OK.

Once on motorway and you get it wound up it will sit there OK

After you get used to the intrusive road noise you don't notice it.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2005

2004 Tata Safari EX 2.0 TD


A budget 4x4 built to work hard- tough where it counts


Headlamps required adjusting.

Sidelight bulb blew repeatedly (now fixed)

A/C belt squeaked when new, replaced and now quiet.

General Comments:

The Safari is a rugged, traditional 4x4 that offers full-size 4x4 space and ability for 'mini 4x4' money.

I have experienced this vehicle (and its more spartan relative, the Sumo) in India, as well now in the UK and was impressed by their tough mechanicals and off-road ability.

Seats are comfortable even on long off-road trips.

Interior build quality is not very good, but it all works and the actual mechanical components seem strong and reliable.

Performance is sluggish (only 90 horsepower from the ex-Peugeot engine), but the motor is surprisingly refined, economical and excellent in an off-road situation.

The Safari is a good working vehicle, which seems to be lacking in the market today. I'm willing to tolerate its old-fashioned road manners (lots of body roll and vibration) for its excellent off-road ability.

A lot of car for the money- power steering, air conditioning, electronic transfer box, excellent folding seats, alloy wheels, all for compact-car money.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2005

2005 Tata Safari


Good value for money



General Comments:

For 10K pounds it's a great car. All the people complaining should go and buy some other car. Stop bickering.

I think it's great value for money, and it does exactly what the manual says. Very happy with the car, a good buy... Used it all over, long drives, short ones, and it's great.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2005

13th Oct 2007, 05:41

I have had the 2001 Safari model for 4 and a half years now. And I love every bit of this car. I wouldn't change it for anything else except maybe for a newer Safari:)