2004 Tata Safari 1.9 diesel


Not recommended


Transmission flaws.

Engine underpowered.

No air-bags, safety features non-existent.

General Comments:

Not a good bargain. Design is quite stylish, but engine & transmission is poor.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

19th Jan 2006, 15:47

Don't buy this car if you value your sanity. I have had a Tata

Safari for 18 months, and the rear door and passenger rear door leaked like a sieve. Lost all its coolant soon after the doors were fixed, followed by a faulty gearbox (10 weeks to fix), faulty brake drums after that, Bad tracking on the front driver's side,

and the most recent failure, the turbo has just failed. The only

good point is Tata have honoured the warranty faultlessly so far. Also, the depreciation has gone from £14000 to £5000 in 18 months.

27th Nov 2007, 06:45

This Car is great! It is not perfect, but there isn't a car that doesn't give any trouble. I love every bit of this SUV and I had it for 6 years now. Will upgrade when the new safari (2008) comes out.

3rd Feb 2008, 08:13

This car is perfect for me. It is not trouble free, but no car is. I had three different makes in my life; Toyota Tercel, Fiat Punto and Tata Safari. The Tata is the best one so far.

2003 Tata Safari 1.9 diesel


Not worth it, go for a better brand


Pretty awful vehicle.

Engine breaks down frequently.

Ignition problems.

Vehicle sways at higher speeds.

Chassis design faults.

General Comments:

Engine is not powerful enough.

Though the vehicle looks nice outside, the engine & chassis design is very poor.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2005

2001 Tata Safari LX 1.9 turbo diesel


Poor mans Range Rover!


Exhaust System needed replacing.

Transfer box in bearing needed replacing

Power steering needed adjustment.

General Comments:

To buy a 2 year old 7 seat Turbo Diesel 4x4 for less than £7000,You cannot expect a range rover, the items that were at fault were due to lack of knowledge on the part of whoever serviced car, I do not think it is down to the car itself, or manufacture. My car now has a garage that knows the make, and does the proper service. (although it's a 120 mile trip to get it done)

Trim could have finishing touches put to it, and could do with bigger engine, maybe 2.3, or even 3.0.

Wouldn't change it now I have it, and would buy another without hesitation.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2004

2002 Tata Safari LX 1.9 turbo diesel


A lot of vehicle for the price


Right hand indicator became intermittent.

A glow plug failed at 1000 miles.

Original wiper blades started to "chatter" when operated.

General Comments:

It's never going to win prizes for speed, but it is a serious improvement on the old Gurkha.

I can't fault the driving comfort, the seats are really supportive and the noise levels are very good.

Everything is to hand, easy to find and the instrumentation is good, although the top of the wheel obscures the indicator repeaters. Hey, when did you last have a car with an oil pressure gauge?

Absolutely stacks of space and you could hold a party in the back when the seats are down!

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Review Date: 31st January, 2004

2003 Tata Safari 4x4 2.0 TDi


All the equipment at a bargain basement price


Head light not set correctly.

Hose clip fell off resulting in water loss.

General Comments:

This is the brand new Safari, only released by Rover (still badged Tata) in October.

I drove the old one and it was no where near as quick as this one. But it still won't break any speed records.

The overall quality is a huge improvement, as is the interior.

Specification is fantastic, Air con, alloys, met paint, electric everything etc etc.

Interior space is cavernous and all the hidden extra's are in it as well! Rear fold out cup holders, rear centre arm rest, pockets galore, rear air vents, Cd player etc etc.

It is very comfortable, infact one of the most comfortable vehicles I have ever driven.

There is a slight knocking from the rear, which I have been told is due to poor damping on the shocks, But my dealer also said it would be covered on warranty.

I have had a small wait for my accessories but i have recieved a letter from the distributor informing me that all part problems will be sorted by January...permanently.

I am hugely impressed and am a real convert... And it only cost me £13995.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2003

1st Jun 2004, 08:43

I myself own a petrol tata Safari purchased in India and I drive in Bombay traffic. I must agree that it is real value for money and has a very refined engine. I have had my vehicle for six months now and have driven it 5000 km and it drives like a dream on a open high way..

25th Sep 2004, 13:47

I have been searching for a robust vehicle to tow a horse trailer (heavy horse) and after extensive trials on other makes, came upon the TaTa Safari 2.OTD Exec at a Rover Dealers. I was struck by the specification and took a 4mth old ex demo model for a test drive. I was hooked and impressed. It had everything I wanted including leather seats and CD player! I bought it for £8995 after part ex on my Toyota Celica - BARGAIN! 3 Years Warranty and Dealership servicing. I hope we have many happy days together.

15th Dec 2005, 11:04

I purchased my TATA Safari in February 2004.Within 2 weeks it was in the garage with steering problems.9 months later I get the car back and have had various problems ever since. IE Lack of power, rust in various areas, pulling to one side (supposed to have been repaired more than once) and now have two illegal tyres that TATA refuse to replace although they were caused by this fault. I have now been told although covered by warranty, some of the work will not be covered as it SHOULD have been repaired during the services. On top of this due to Rover going bust and TATA taking on the car, the nearest garage is almost a 100 miles away and I'm no longer covered for a courtesy car. Would I buy another TATA?

2000 Tata Safari LX 2.0lt


A value for money work horse that looks the 4x4 part


Rear exhaust box failed, long wait for a replacement, however the importers were excellent and sourced a British made one.

Bottom pulley came loose and fan belt shattered cooling fan. Again a lengthy wait for a fan, but it performed adequately well without one, the electric fan coped well enough.

General Comments:

Not really for the image conscious.

Excellent off road, doesn't get stuck in muddy fields, and can tow all day without missing a beat.

Service intervals are to short, doing a high mileage makes it expensive. But set against the low initial outlay I suppose it is still cheap.

Service from the local agent is excellent.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2003

2000 Tata Safari 1.8 diesel


An absolute bargain that looks good and drives well


Automatic petrol cap not closing properly.

Grinding noise on left hand side.

General Comments:

I have been most impressed with this car, OK it's not a Ferrari, but it is steady, comfortable and very economic. It carries 7 passengers with ease and there is so much room inside.

Only downfall slow to accelerate (but I'm no boy racer anyway) and the seat belts for the rear/boot seats cost £200 extra.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2002