Toyota Landcruiser reviews from UK and Ireland


Landcruiser LC4 30 turbo diesel

A big mistake in buying it

152 words, 5 comments


Landcruiser vx 3.0td

If you need a true offroader buy a landcruiser, if not, buy a car!

253 words

Landcruiser Colorado GX 3.0 turbo diesel

The worst car I've ever owned

58 words, 29 comments


Landcruiser VX 4.2 turbo diesel 24v

Expensive, but worth it if you need heavy towing capacity and/or off-road performance

692 words, 5 comments

Landcruiser VX 3.0 turbo diesel

Very good vehicle, poor manufacturer and dealer support!

151 words, 1 comment


Landcruiser VX Auto 4.2 turbo diesel

Great fun

92 words, 1 comment


Landcruiser SWB - VX 2.5 Turbo Diesel

71 words