2009 Toyota Landcruiser LC4 30 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A big mistake in buying it


Handbrake was useless from from delivery. Taken to supplying dealership to have it looked at.

Bear in mind the car is only 2.5 months old at this stage.

Went to collect after repair.

Wait for it, they had a bill waiting for me. I queried it as I wasn't expecting a bill as the car was 2.5 months old and it was delivered as was. Nothing I did or could do had caused it.

Well I got into it with the service manager.

Toyota say the handbrake cable has been stretched and are refusing to cover the replacement cable and the labour to fit it.

Talk about gob smacked.

A £40K 4x4 from a supposedly reputable manufacturer who has refused to cover a simple to fix problem from the factory under warranty.

What will they be like if something major falls off?

This will be the last Toyota ever in our family.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 14th December, 2009

11th Mar 2010, 07:23

Import Landcruiser's from Australia, especially the 4.2L diesel, and you won't have a problem. I've had mine for 21 years now, and it's only thrown a fan belt 2 times, and had a few tyre punctures.

21st Mar 2011, 02:24

This is like the worst review I've ever read. I wanted to know how does the car handle? How does it feel? Not a lousy handbrake issue. Why don't you go and buy a Lada and see what the difference is?

29th Sep 2011, 16:53

It is one of the best SUVs, it will never put you down...

23rd Nov 2012, 01:19

Yes, the 4.2L seems to be a great engine, but there seem to be lots of misleading information about the Landcruiser.

23rd Nov 2012, 16:15

One of our friends, who was clueless about Toyota's massive quality lapse, bought one of these nightmares. They learned their lesson the hard (and very expensive way).