1999 Toyota TownAce NOAH Super Extra 2.0 petrol


Absolutely brilliant


CD player not working. Have replaced unit.

Parking pole broken. Importer promised to repair/replace.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, reliable, versatile, home from home.

Engine and gearbox are smooth and powerful when required.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2013

1995 Toyota TownAce Royal Lounge LTD 2.0


Fabulous... best car/van ever had!!


Interior room light blew, and the replacement blew after a few months.

The electric curtains were broken when we got it.

General Comments:

I've had my Town Ace five years. It's never let me down. The only thing I've spent on it is for new tyres and a new battery, and a bulb for the interior room.

This is the best car/van I've ever had. Superb wheelbase for turning. The interior room seats swivel, and naughtily we have used this to load our disabled friend into the car. He is about 28 stone too! His parents, my husband and I are friends, and we are all big people, yet this vehicle has happily pulled us all plus shopping for long trips out without complaint. We have even had a three piece suite in there, and it's done us proud on several house moves for relatives and pals.

It's not the cheapest car to run, but for its age, not bad at all. The insurance can be a bit high too. The radio has been a bit of a let down, as it is limited to receiving Radio 2 or Radio 5 Live. It is very light bodied, and so it's not great in wind, but it's not unsafe at all in my opinion.

I've had lots of cars, and this has been the best. It looks like I just lost it though as someone ran into it while it was parked up, and as it is almost fifteen years old, sadly I anticipate it will have to be scrapped. I'm bracing myself, because it will tear my heart out to part with it. Whatever its 'faults', it's been worthy every penny.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2010

16th Feb 2010, 09:19

Can you tell me where I can find the interior light bulb for the Toyota Townace? Fluorescent 'u' shaped tube with four pin base, local car spares suppliers say they don't stock it, and I have been searching online to no avail.

13th Jan 2012, 05:15

Currently own a 95 Townace Super Extra. After owning a 90 Royal Lounge, it's a bit of a step down in the toys department, but still has the eccentric charm that makes owning one a pleasure. I would say that it is a home mechanic's bus, as servicing is frequent, but it's only likely to be an oil change, and checking a list of things.

Yes, it is slow, and yes dated, but takes 6 by 4 fence panels, a full flat pack kitchen, or 8 rugby players and luggage in its stride.

19th Feb 2013, 02:01

My son said that it was the same type he uses in his fish tank! He says they can be picked up on eBay for about £4 to £6.

I agree with all the comments I have seen about these vehicles; They are great! Had my 1999 Townace only two months, but it's a dream to drive.

If you can't get a correct bulb, you can always change the holder? (Worth it for the quality of the rest of the vehicle).

A fish tank light should do it though.

John Harrison. Wallasey, UK.

1991 Toyota TownAce Super Extra 4wd 2.0 turbo diesel


Quirky, practicable, affordable quality!


On my first day driving it home, a rubber pipe carrying gearbox oil touched the propshaft and resulted in loss of oil and spectacular smoke effects as oil smouldered on exhaust! Repair was simple and cheap thankfully.

Recently, the vehicle has developed difficulty changing up from 1st to 2nd gear, when the engine/gearbox are cold or have, cooled for some hours. After 5 minutes running, there are no problems, and no other gears are affected. My concern is the 2 faults may be connected and the situation could worsen when we travel hundreds of miles up to Scotland in August!

General Comments:

As my 3rd Toyota Town-ace/Master-Ace in 8 months, there is a danger of addiction! As I am disabled on a limited income, these MPVs are excellent because of the high seating, easy driving and cheap availability. Great for the family and dogs too.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006