Astra CD Estate 2.0 DTi turbo diesel

It's a car with no bells or whistles, but should get you from A to B

413 words

Astra 1.6 petrol

A family car that is functional and reliable

134 words

Astra SRi 2.0 petrol

Good all-rounder

93 words

Astra SXI 1.8 16v 123bhp

Comfortable, quick, but without the big price tag

283 words

Astra Coupe 1.8

Nice car to own and drive

77 words

Astra Envoy Estate 1.7 DTI

Pleasant car to drive let down by engine problems

151 words

Astra 1.8 SXI

Great car, great value, love it!

149 words

Astra Coupe 2.2

Poor build quality

196 words

Astra Club 1.6 8v (X16SZR unit)

Outstandingly cheap, but solid and reliable, and although underpowered, has brilliant handling

773 words, 1 comment

Astra LS Estate 1.6 8v

Look beyond the image, it's a fine motor!

127 words

Astra SXI 1.8 petrol

Fast, cheap to run

155 words

Astra LS 1.6

Quiet, but boring

114 words

Astra SXI 1.6 16v

Worth another look

155 words, 1 comment

Astra SRi 1.8 petrol

Good performer which is fun to drive and sticks to the road like glue

60 words

Astra CLUB 1.6 8v

A good buy and reliable

140 words, 1 comment

Astra SXi 1.6 16v

Insurance friendly sporty hatchback

156 words

Astra CDX 1.8 16v

Comfortable performer with style and appeal

37 words, 2 comments

Astra SXi 1.8

Cheap, reliable - wolf in sheep's clothing

118 words

Astra astravan LS 2.0 turbo diesel

Stylish, reliable van, but it could be improved

224 words, 1 comment

Astra LS 1.4i 16v

Affordable Luxury Hatchback. It's Nigh On Perfect

127 words

Astra Club 1.7DTi

Reliable and cheap to run

67 words

Astra .Com 1.6 litre 8v

A smooth, economical and reliable motor

97 words

Astra SXi 1.8

A quick and comfortable car

135 words, 1 comment

Astra Club 1.6 8v

A good family car

47 words, 1 comment

Astra Sport 1.0 petrol


39 words

Astra LS 1.6 16v

Not a bad motor

61 words

Astra LS 1.7 turbo diesel

A high revving deathtrap

196 words, 2 comments

Astra Coupe Bertone Edition 2.2i

Good value, but is it special?

148 words, 1 comment

Astra Coupe 1.8

A good performing, reliable car

58 words

Astra Club 16v 1.6 16v

Underestimated good performing hatch

270 words

Astra Van Envoy 1.7 DTi 16v

Economical and quick (for a diesel)

97 words, 11 comments

Astra SRi 2.0

One of the best hot hatches for the price!

58 words, 3 comments

Astra Coupe Turbo 2.0 16v turbo

Wait for the Focus RS if you want real performance at 20,000ukp

53 words, 30 comments

Astra LS 2.0 DTi

I'm not saying its crap, but you will be on first name terms with the AA after six months of driving

305 words, 7 comments

Astra Coupe Turbo Edition 2.0i 16v turbo petrol

270 words, 11 comments

Astra Coupe Edition 1.8

Nice looks, niggling faults...

86 words, 1 comment

Astra Club 1.6i 8V

A stylish and comfortable family/rep's car that could use more poke!

70 words

Astra Club 1.6 16v

Excellent performance at a reasonable price, and a whole lot more besides...

139 words

Astra SXi 16v 1.6

Good design but poor engineering and dealer back-up

160 words