Frontera Sport 2.0

Don't bother with this rubbish - if you need a cheap 4x4, go and buy an old Cherokee!

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Frontera TDS 2.5 turbo diesel

Did its duty, but nothing was ever simple

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Frontera TDS 2.5

Great looking vehicle

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Frontera LWB Estate 2.2 petrol

Highly durable, low cost 4x4 motoring, and a lot of fun, but not for the non-mechanically minded.

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Frontera TDS 2.5

Top notch 4x4

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Frontera LWB 2.5 Estate 2.5 TD

A1 all round vehicle economical for size and safe

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Frontera 5 door estate 2.5 TDS

First class!

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Frontera 2.5 turbo diesel

Very nice, apart from that black smoke

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Frontera Sport Niagra 2.0 petrol

Frontera? FUNtera more like

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