6th Mar 2009, 16:19

Another year on, and I'm still very happy with my Frontera, still no problems other than new tyres, brake pads, which are your normal wear and tear stuff.

Best bit was the recent snow we had, the Frontera performed excellent both off road and in the snowy and icy road conditions, and here's the best bit! I had to tow a 2008 Range Rover out of trouble after the driver got it stuck in a snow drift! So all your doubters out there, yes the Frontera has its little niggles, but it's great value for money, and I have no intention of parting with my 1997 model.

12th Jul 2011, 13:03

And another year on, still no problems with the Frontera, all she needed was a couple of brake pipes and a front wheel bearing for the MOT. The motor still runs well, and no real niggles except the annoying door rubbers that came unstuck on the back doors, which I cured with Gorilla glue (good product).

24th Aug 2014, 10:01

A few years on from my last comments, and I still have the same vehicle and she's done very well.

Did have some cold start issues, which turned out to be glow plugs.

Other problem I encountered were a broken fuel primer, which didn't help matters, but didn't cause any major issues.

Fuel lines replaced due to corrosion, and a mystery air in the fuel problem, which caused some starting issues when the car stood for a day or two, but now solved, as air was being pulled back through a faulty gasket on the fuel filter, which after changing the complete unit was fine.

Only other items replaced were the exhaust and various bushes etc, but expected on a vehicle of this age and now on 125,000 miles.

The engine still pulls well and does not use any oil or water.

A recommendation for this vehicle is to make sure you change the axle, gearbox oils, as this is overlooked by a lot of people.