Nova GSi 1.6

An old problematic car

209 words, 1 comment

Nova SR 1.6 injection

I love it, wouldn't change it for the world

71 words

Nova Merit 1.2

Comfortable and an ideal first car

87 words

Nova Merit 1.2

Fun ideal learner car

46 words

Nova merit 1.2i


66 words

Nova L 1.2

Cheap, comfortable and reliable

115 words

Nova GSi 1.6

A Mini Cooper on steroids

175 words

Nova GSi 1.6 8v

Add a few bits and it can really go!

101 words, 1 comment

Nova SR 1.4

Boy Racers dream car

95 words, 1 comment

Nova SR 1.4

Cheapand reliable pocket rocket

112 words, 1 comment

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

A great little car at the time, but they're most;y all knackered now!

213 words

Nova GSi 1.6i

Superb value performance car!

216 words, 7 comments

Nova Merit 1.2

More miles for your money

282 words

Nova Silk Violet GSI 1.6

Good fast cheap fun!!!

32 words

Nova Flair S 1.4

I wish they still made these because I'd love a new one

191 words

Nova Merit 1.2

Sluggish, but looks the part with alloys

183 words

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

Great fun. Buy cheap and you will love it

175 words

Nova SR 1.4

A dream to some, a nightmare to others

181 words

Nova Merit 1.2

A very nippy, cheap first car

131 words

Nova SR 1.4

Best value for speed and enjoyment a must buy car

121 words, 2 comments

Nova GSi 1.6i

Great value for money!

38 words

Nova GTE 1.6i

Fast, reliable, cheap to run

65 words, 1 comment

Nova GTE 1.6

Poor motor

85 words, 3 comments

Nova SR 1.4

Great - If you don't care about your image

98 words

Nova SR 1.4

A very reliable car with good performance.

102 words

Nova Flair 1.2 petrol

OK in a fashion

60 words

Nova GSi 1.6

Better than an XR2i by far

177 words

Nova Merit 1.2

Excellent car for first timers

72 words

Nova SRi 1.4i petrol

Good secondhand buy, look for an unabused one!

125 words, 3 comments

Nova GSi Courtenay 1.6 Turbo

Wolf in sheeps clothing

43 words

Nova GSi 1.6 injection

A solid lukewarm hatch with potential

175 words

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

A cheap first car, but don't expect to much from it

77 words

Nova SRi 130 2.0i

One mean pocket rocket

16 words

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

A fun car to drive

54 words

Nova Merit 1.4i

Shame about the 'Boy Racer' image

144 words

Nova GSi 1.6i petrol

A superb car which can be easily modified

16 words

Nova Merit with GSi Engine 1.6 injection petrol

64 words

Nova Merit 1.5 turbo diesel

65 words

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

67 words

Nova SR 1.4 petrolcarb (Weber)

65 words