Nova Expression 1.2i

Great and full of character

183 words

Nova Merit 1.2 I4 petrol

Great little companion

235 words

Nova SRi 1.4


92 words

Nova Trip 1.0

A very cheap car to run, reliable and surprisingly good performance.

405 words, 2 comments

Nova Spin 1.2i

Reliable fun little car

67 words

Nova Luxe 1.4

Excellent First Car

72 words

Nova SRi 1.4

Not bad for a beginner

222 words, 1 comment

Nova Fun 1.2 petrol (4spd)

Bargain run-about or first car

275 words

Nova Life 1.0

A small car with attitude

45 words

Nova Merit 1.2

Just a cheap car, bit crap though

138 words

Nova Luxe Plus 1.2i petrol

Terrific first car: handling not great, but costs nothing to run

90 words

Nova Luxe Plus 1.4 petrol

A very underrated car

137 words

Nova Expression 2.0 i

A great wee first car, with a quick engine and great handling capabilities

321 words

Nova Flair 1.2i

Great first car

92 words

Nova Vauxhall Diamond 1.2

Blue eyed baby, of a seventeen year old stalion

250 words

Nova SR 1.4

Fantastic, very quick

28 words

Nova SRi 1.4 injection

A boy racer's dream

41 words

Nova Spin 1.2i

Excellent little motor, cheap to run and looks good too

84 words

Nova Trip 1.2i

An affordable car to get from A to B

111 words

Nova SRi 1.4 multi-point injection

A boy racers car but still classy in a way!!

82 words, 3 comments

Nova SXi 1.2 petrol

24 words, 4 comments

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

64 words, 9 comments

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

136 words

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

72 words

Nova SRi 1.4 injection petrol

404 words

Nova SR 1.4 petrol

44 words

Nova Merit+ 1.2i petrol

38 words