Senator CDi 3.0 24v

Awesome car... They don't make them like this any more

104 words

Senator CDi 24v 3.0 24v

Excellent car for very little money

110 words

Senator CDi 3.0I

Vauxhall built rocket

88 words

Senator 24 valve 3.0 CD

An executive fully kitted out express train

135 words

Senator CD 24V 3.0 petrol

The best motorway express at these prices

434 words

Senator CD 2.6i

Supremely comfortable, spacious, well equipped and still good looking!

57 words

Senator 24V Police Special 3.0 unleaded petrol

159 words

Senator CD 3.0i 24v petrol

93 words

Senator 24v 3.0i 24v petrol

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