Zafira 1.6 petrol

Good value, but look after the maintenance

174 words

Zafira Club DTi 2.0 turbo diesel

Great car spoilt by a poor fuel system

166 words

Zafira Club 1.6

The 1.6 Zafira is unreliable

170 words, 4 comments

Zafira ELX 2.0

Good, but seems to have a short life span for its age

238 words

Zafira club 1.6

My car was OK apart from this problem, it's the dealership that is pi**poor

209 words

Zafira 2.0 turbo diesel

Very good

37 words, 2 comments

Zafira Elegance 1.8

Nice drive, smooth

63 words

Zafira Dti Elegance 2.00 DTi

Excellent value all round family car

112 words

Zafira GSi 2.0 turbo petrol

Not a boring family car or a car for a boring family

455 words

Zafira Club 1.8

Cheap 7 seater, that does its job right

130 words

Zafira Comfort 1.8 petrol

Reasonable family car with good visibility

56 words

Zafira Elegance 2.2

It does everything well

44 words

Zafira Club 2.0 diesel

A very good adaptable family car

89 words, 1 comment

Zafira Club 1.6

An excellent family car, don't expect more

75 words, 2 comments

Zafira Club 2.0 turbo diesel

A squeaky old crock

110 words, 1 comment

Zafira Elegance 1.8

An excellent mid range buy for those who want a comfortable car with loads of room

433 words

Zafira Elegance 2.0 DTI

A brilliant family car

213 words

Zafira Elegance 1.8

Nice at first, but not sure now

146 words, 1 comment

Zafira Elegance 2.0 TDI

Very good car

165 words, 14 comments

Zafira Elegance 1.8 16v

Bad experience... would not have another!

275 words, 1 comment

Zafira Comfort 1.6

The best family car I've owned

43 words