2007 Vauxhall Zafira Club 1.9 TDI turbo diesel


Big, noisy and airy


Vehicle dropping into safety mode when being driven.

General Comments:

The car is designed to car a large family and that's what it does best, plenty of headroom and luggage space (Until rear seats are put up and then you could just about get a laptop in the boot)

The Zafira will cruise happily at 70mph on the motorway, but don't expect to hear what people in the rear are saying to you, the interior does not lend itself to lengthy conversations due to road noise and the general acres of air space in the vehicle!

The rear seats will accommodate adults up to around 5'6" in height comfortably, so the car can be used a small minibus if required?

Engine does not have the dip in first gear that was so common on 2.2i diesel engine previously in the Vectra and therefore getting away from lights is much smoother.

If you are over 5'8" tall, then your left knee is going to hit the center consul when you are driving and if you wish to push the seat back and stretch your legs during a break forget it.

My wife finds the aircraft style handbrake a nightmare to use, must admit its not been an issue for me?

The diesel engine is very economical and at 160grms one of the lowest in the fleet market currently.

First major issue:

First serviced two weeks ago, now dropping into safety mode at 1000 rpm when going along, going in today for repair (No issues until serviced at 13,000 miles)

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Review Date: 24th April, 2008

2007 Vauxhall Zafira Club EZT Easytronic 1.8 VVT


A smooth responsive vehicle for a people carrier

General Comments:

I started by reading other people's opinions on Vauxhall's semi automatic cars, & really only tested one to see if it was as bad as some people said... & guess what?... It was SUPERB!... OK I could get it to jerk me back & forth by using my lead foot as the semi-auto box changed gear, but this is simply overcome by lifting your foot off the throttle as you feel it changing gear... unless of course, you have a lead foot ;)

The 1.8 VVT engine is quick & responsive, & pressing the sports switch really does lighten up the steering & gives the car some real grunt.

I had owned a 04 Zafira Life before this model, & its interior was a little cheap looking... The new model looks LOTS better on the eye.

Don't be put off by an Easytronic gearbox on this model of Zafira... Give it a test drive & you'll be surprised at what a relaxing drive it is.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2007

23rd Feb 2009, 06:22

I don't see how you could honestly deem the "easy"tronic smooth... unless you drive at the same pace as Continental Drift. You have to move slower than a glacier in order for it to be smooth.

And that still doesn't take into account the other obvious glaring design flaws such as lack of transmission creep-an essential for parking/ hill starts when you don't have a clutch. and the bizarre habit of "kick down" (fine for an auto) when the accelerator is depressed in manual, fifth, under load @ motorway speed. Even this would be acceptable except it has to be manually up shifted into fifth again!!

Poor design and operation in the extreme.

We also own an 02 Volvo V70 GearTronic semi auto.

If you want to see how a real semi-auto should drive, drive one of these; then comment.