18th Apr 2009, 17:36

The Volvo V70 GearTronic is a conventional automatic gearbox from Aisin Warner (Japan) with very classic software!

I'm living in Belgium. I'm driving a Vectra GTS 1.8 (140 pk) Easytronic (not available in U.K., bought the car in Germany) Same as a Zafira 1.8.

I find the car is fantastic to drive.

I've been driving several "real" automatic transmissions for 25 years.

All old-fashioned, even those with 6 gears, like the Vectra 1.9 diesel (150 hp) 6 AT.

An Easytronic costs only 1/4 of a conventional automatic or DSG/Powershift gearbox.

You have to get used to it, but it drives really economically, between 6.3 L/100 Km and 6.8 L/100 Km.

There is new software available for the 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 engines (from 01/08/2007) for gentle changes of gears.

The 1.8 (Zafira/Vectra) doesn't have this problem so much. When the engine is warm, they don't go back to 1st gear unless you stop completely, or on a hill.

If you want a real gentle change, you have to lift your foot a little when the gear changes. On holiday in Switzerland, I never had to change gear manually when I was driving up or down-hill!

The DSG from Volkswagen/Audi is a little gentle (not the diesel) when you accelerate fast +4000 r/min, but is more jerky when you drive slow or in traffic jam. After some time the diesel gets syncronization problems with the dual clutch (www.motor-talk.de)

Up to now, 45000 Km (2 years) I have had no problems with the car or Easytronic.

2nd Oct 2010, 15:29

I have owned a Vauxhall Zafira 2007 for three years from new. I had a 1.8 Easytronic. It is the worst gear box for a car. I had the Zafira before that (2003), and it was a proper automatic, which was a better car. I will never buy another Vauxhall Zafira again with Easytronic. If they go back to a proper automatic, I would buy Vauxhall again. Changed to Ford.

Sid, Birmingham.

12th Oct 2010, 15:25

I have an Easytronic 2007, and had it for 5 months, and it has the gearbox leaking. I took it back to where I bought it from, and they don't want to know. I have an annual warranty, but they said they will not cover wear and tear, as usually it's the clutch in these semi auto's.

So now am in a dilemma to part ex it to Vauxhall as don't want another poor soul buying a poorly built semi-automatic.

I am really sorry that I sold a conventional automatic Honda that I had. I guess I have learnt from my mistake. I wish there was a body governing the motor trade, as there are too many rogue independent dealerships out there. Help...!!!

25th Mar 2011, 07:35


I'm the OP of the Zaf comments.

Update time:

Gearbox died today. 80K KM (50k Miles) on the odo and the G'box ecu is dead. €1000 from Opel plus tax and fitting!!!

Or get the original repaired in the UK for £195 = tax and postage.

This car is thirsty... no matter what driving style and an utter pig to park/drive in traffic/on hills... well anywhere except flat... but not motorways!

My Volvo is just on 300BHP - and all that power is used :) With 160K miles on the autobox, and all I've ever done is one fluid change.

Proper stuff!

10th May 2017, 19:13

Just read your comments on the Easytronic, and I completely agree, it's the worst gearbox ever; never again.