2014 Chery Tiggo 2.0


A lie


LED lights replacement.

Electrical wiring issues.

Fuel level gauge never gave a correct measurement, and don't even think to solve this issue with the service center, as it would get worse.

After one year of driving, there are sounds coming from all over the vehicle (engine, side mirrors, window glass, gearbox, etc.).

And most recently, I faced a very serious issue with the fuel tank as it began to leak for no obvious cause; I found during the repair that there is a crack in the tank that led to the leak. However, I replaced the fuel tank entirely with a new one from the manufacturer, but within 48 hours I again faced the same issue!!

General Comments:

I really hoped that the car would be a good investment of my money, because of its low price and service charges. Unfortunately, what I saved from the Sportage price, I spent it on replacing the tank TWICE, with no clear justification for what happened.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2015

2015 Chery Tiggo 2.0 petrol


Don't buy a Chery Tiggo


Very bad quality materials are used in this vehicle.

Power window repaired four times.

Door setting changed every day.

Dust is coming inside, even though all the windows are closed.

Resale value is very bad; don't expect a quarter of its value after two months.

General Comments:

Don't buy Chinese vehicles.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2015

9th Oct 2015, 02:15

Why would you buy a Chinese car in the first place? Did you really think it would be good? You don't need to buy it, to see in the dealership that they are obviously crap.

2015 Chery Tiggo 2L


Value for money; a good car


One side window came out of its rails, but was fixed by the service center within 2 hours.

General Comments:

The car is running good until now; no issues at all.

I love my car. The only drawback is it's slow to pick up.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2015

27th Oct 2015, 09:14

I've been driving my Tiggo for four years. No problems. Just struggling to find a service centre near my workplace that can bring & fetch me at work, on the day that my car goes in for a service.

20th Jul 2016, 11:24

I bought a new Tiggo 5 two months before, and when I asked the service for any repairs, they said it's not allowed, you can't change anything on the car. They let me feel like it's a toy.

Actually I don't have an AUX. I can't drive more than 120 km/h or else I have a very noisy signal.

Since I got the car I have sound coming when I'm above 80km/h.

2015 Chery Tiggo 2.0L gasoline


Just like a bin


Always different sounds are coming from the engine. When I am giving it acceleration, there is a sound like an old diesel engine vehicle. When you are in traffic (slow speed) you will feel like you are in boat (in water).

There is strange sound from the gearbox when I am using reverse gear.

While using the A/C, there is more sound from the engine.

The side mirror is always dancing. There is no strength in the material. You cannot see the vehicles (behind) in the side mirror because it is vibrating. When I went for my first service, I informed them to check on the side mirror. You know what they did? They repaired the window regulator, which had no problem at all.

The music system speakers are very good. The radio always has a problem with its signal. But at the same time in other cars there is no problem with the signal in the same place.

The USB slot is an old model. A small slot which was used in old devices like the N95 Nokia phone. That is also not working now. The first day, I heard a beep sound when I connected, and after that, nothing. It's dead.

So I don't know what is the guarantee for our life in this Chinese vehicle. Any time, anything can happen. Now I am always scared about when this vehicle will stop on the road.

This car is totally a waste. There is nothing valuable for your money. You lose your time and money. You will not get sleep after owning a vehicle like this. Please don't be cheated by anybody's word. If you have a branded vehicle (Japanese vehicle), at least you will get status. Made in China is always Made in China. They cannot maintain the global standard. They used cheap materials in this vehicle like toys.

When you see this vehicle for the first time, you will be impressed, but please don't buy, this is my humble request to all you expatriates. This is not an asset for us. You will be bankrupt before leaving this country.

General Comments:

A waste of our money - you are just giving money to the dealer and Chery Motors.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2015

27th Jul 2015, 19:42

Hi there, is this Chery Tiggo 5 SUV that you are referring to? As I am planning to purchase one in Dubai and saw your comment, which makes me think twice as I don't want to buy and later regret. Please advise. Thanks.

8th Oct 2015, 08:58

Please don't buy a Chery Tiggo.

4th Jan 2016, 16:21

I have a Tiggo 3. It is the best car that I have had. Please explain about your experiences.

8th Oct 2017, 05:21

Hi, I am planning to buy Tiggo 3 2018 model. I wanted your honest opinion, how is it so far?