1996 Acura CL 3.0 VTEC from North America


Going down a highway at 65 MPH, on a bright sunny day, the car went inexplicable and totally out of control. Veered to the right, across one lane, and slammed into a guard rail. Car was totalled. Air bag did not go off. Post inside the head rest split my head open; I was knocked unconscious; I required 24 stitches.

Acura had a limited recall out for ball joints that can cause loss of control. I was not part of the recall because the recall was limited to cars made in Aug & Sep of 1997. Other than almost killing me, the car was an excellent car and a pleasure to drive.

General Comments:

It may be a threat to your life; if you own a 3.0 CL, please get your ball joints inspected immediately.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2000

16th Jan 2002, 17:14

For one thing cars DON'T inexplicably wreck themselves... the driver of the car must have been on something or lost control himself. I have an 1997 Acura c.l. and it is the best car I have ever had. It's just you!

Ps maybe the car didn't like you... you probably drove a Ford before this car.

25th Feb 2003, 13:59

Acura did not start making CLs until 1997, i.e. there is no such thing as a 1996 Acura 3.0CL.

23rd Jul 2014, 18:57

The driver does not have to be on anything. This can and has happened. Why do you think that there is (was) a recall. As far as Acura not making CL's until 1997, that is total crap. I own a 1996 Acura 3.0 CL. Do your research people and don't be so quick to criticize. I am happy that this man was blessed to survive the accident and still didn't bash the company or the car, as it is a fantastic car to own and I still drive mine daily!