7th Jun 2004, 19:29

I have the same problem... I have a 97 2.2cl with 76K miles. At about 45,000 miles the drivers side window regulator went bad, now today I return to my car after it was sitting parked for 4 hours to find that the passenger window was down. Went to the dealter and the regulator was the problem ($350.00). This is sad sad sad... I will be calling Acura MFG to discuss this issue. I ill never buy another Acura.

3rd Aug 2004, 15:59

I own a 98 Acura CL 3.0 on which the Left window regulator cables were replaced about 3 years ago (under warranty), when the window stopped working properly. Today I've found out they need to be replaced again. This repair will now cost $300 to $400.

If anyone has any experience talking to the manufacturer about this or another problem, any useful information would be appreciated. Thanks.

4th Aug 2004, 11:44

I am the owner of a '97 CL 3.0 with 178,000 miles. At about 80,000 I replaced the passenger side window regulator, have replaced the timing belt 2 x including water pump, alternator went south at about 85K, starter at 150K, tires, batteries and consumables like CV joints are normal.

Driver's side window regulator went out this morning, found a new part on the Internet, $68.00 including shipping at A1Auto.com. About an hour job to change.

The car still gives me 25+ MPG, and still has a ton of get up and go.

When it gets to the point I have to start putting more money in it than I should, I will buy a new one and drive it to 200K as well.

5th Aug 2004, 16:27

My daughter just called and her window wouldn't go all the way up in her '97 3.0 CL. Now it's down in the door. Would this be the window regulator that you all have been talking about? Is it something that my husband can fix himself to save her that high cost at the dealership?

I also need a quick suggestion on how to get the window up so that she can get to Texas from Illinois.

6th Aug 2004, 17:35

I am the owner of a 98 2.3 CL, 80,000 miles. As I came out of the grocery store, noticed the driver's side window was all the way down and window will not go back up. Also, the passenger side window has been getting stuck at the 1/2 way mark for about 2 years and will slowly go all the way up after about 15 minutes of trying, although lately it fights to move at all. I'm not looking forward to this bill. After reading all your comments, looks like I will be paying about $700 to have both window regulators replaced.

11th Aug 2004, 19:12

I have the 98, 2.3 Acura CL at 80,000 miles (see posted comment above). Just wanted to let you know, I had the driver side window regulator replaced and it cost me $230.00.

13th Aug 2004, 10:33

I have a '97 2.2 CL, with 50,000 miles, and my drivers side regulator is being replaced at this time as well.

15th Aug 2004, 07:42

I have a 97 Acura 3.0 CL and the drivers side pwr window failed at 73,000miles. Does someone have a pointer for instructions to replace regulator rather than take to Acura Service?

17th Aug 2004, 17:21

My girlfriend has a 97 cl3.0 and I have been fighting with it for the last two years. Same window problem, plus the EGR valve problem... Seems like every month is something else wrong with the car. Anybody want to buy a 97 Acura??

22nd Aug 2004, 12:12

I have a 1998 CL Acura driver side window is stuck. Not looking forward to the repair. I just replaced the wiper motor, as I was driving down the freeway it just went out. This was a terrible experience since it was pouring down rain and I could not see a thing, cost of this was about $200.00.

31st Aug 2004, 12:22

I'm here to join the club I guess. I took my '97 Acura 2.2CL to a mechanic for the drivers window and they had to order a $331 part (regulator assembly) from the dealer - total price $367 with labor and tax. Now they tell me the passenger side is burned out also.

I searched the internet and found a $70 part AFTER they had installed mine, so I can't get it refunded. I told them to leave the passenger side alone - I'll order the part and put it in myself.

I was FURIOUS when I found out I paid $331 for a "factory" part, when I could have got it off A1 website for $70. Live and learn. Besides that, I love my car though. The 2.2 is a little underpowered though.

8th Sep 2004, 12:05

I have a 97 CL 3.0 and was lucky enough to have the window fail at 50,103 miles. Acura covered the item under warranty. My car has 145k on it and is still running strong.

7th Oct 2004, 17:45

99 Acura CL 2.3.

My driver's side regulator just failed at 92,000 miles. The dealer fixed it for $360. Other than that, the car has been very reliable (at least since the warranty expired).

16th Oct 2004, 09:38

At about 50,000 miles, my 97 CL 3.0 driver's window finally froze half way open after about a year of warning that it was failing. It was under an extended warranty so the dealer didn't tell me what was wrong.

My wife's '93 Legend window is now failing. I've been quoted $500 from the closest dealer and $345 from the second closest dealer.

From the comments here, I assume it's the regulator rather than the motor that fails. Should I attempt to replace it myself of have a mechanic replace it? How can I be certain before ordering a new regulator? Can the regulator be repaired rather than replaced?

4th Jan 2005, 15:29

I have a '98 CL and the power window on the driver side has quit working. It is a shame that Acura/Honda has a poor design part for such a nice car.

With so many people having this problem Acura should replace this regulator at no cost to keep the good customer base.

Has anyone tried to call Acura and see if they would replace it under silent warranty??

I always had very high opinion of Honda, but now knowing that many people have the same problem, I am disappointed with Honda.


8th Jun 2005, 04:51

I just had my drivers side window fall down on my 99 3.0cl, it didn't have a burned out motor, the cables just fell off the track when I shut the door, and then they twisted up and got all sorts of messed up, whats up with this? 3 other people I know have had this problem, when I call Acura, they say oh well... I found the regulator/motor for 75 dollars.

7th Aug 2005, 22:09

Acura 98 3.0 CL

The same thing happened to me around 75,000 miles. My window would go down half way I could push it up then fell in the door. The regulator replaced cost me $290.

8th Aug 2005, 19:21


Go there, tons of info on how to DIY simple things like window regulators. Mine went out at 74k. Bought the part on eBay for 50 bucks shipped; installed in half an hour.

7th Oct 2005, 12:54

Got a 1998cl.

Window never failed.

But 300$ WAW... that why I don't bother going to a dealership.

Tho this car is far from unreliable.

Its nothing, but an accord so there is no worries of getting stuck somewere.