1997 Acura Integra RS/ SE 1.8L from North America


Great buy, awesome car!


When I had my front tires replaced, the rods the lug nuts screw onto were stripped. It cost almost $200CND to have them replaced. This was the fault of the place where it was serviced, and has nothing to do with the car itself.

The front left signal light module pops out sometimes while I am driving. They are stock, so I believe this might be a design fault.

The rear seat sometimes comes out of it's clip, but it only takes a few seconds to fix, so I can't complain.

General Comments:

Despite the small size, everyone finds the rear seats to be very comfortable. The front seats are very comfortable, and I have no complaints.

It is a blast to drive, and four wheel disc brakes means it stops on time, every time.

The engine is very quiet stock, but if you want a car that sounds great, but don't want to invest in modding it, this is the car for you. Simply take the plastic cover off of the air filter, and it sounds like a totally different car. You'll have to replace the filter more often though.

I would recommend this car to anyone. I have no complaints at all, except for the horn. They could have made it a little more intimidating.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2006

1997 Acura Integra RS 1.8 from North America


Radiator blew all over at about 90000 miles.

Tires, brake pads and rotors, etc. normal wear and tear.

Headlight lens need to be replaced due to a cloudy surface.

General Comments:

After owning a Saab 9-3 and a Golf GTi, I was delightfully surprised with the performance and unmatched reliability of my Integra. I bought the low end Integra RS trim level, and to me it seems fully equipped;

I had a keyless entry system installed, that took care of the non standard power locks, the stereo and speakers are fantastic, still original. I really do wish it had a sun roof, but I have seen on some other Integras that they don't even open all that much.

Many times I have purchased large quantities of furniture at IKEA, and to my surprise, when the back seats are folded down, I was able to fit 4 bookcases and a large dresser in the car. I had to tie the lid down, but I was thrilled that everything fit.

Apparently my car is so hot that it was stolen, and wrecked, and ditched out in the desert outside Las Vegas. The insurance fixed it all up, and now it's like I have a brand new 97 Integra again.

Overall, my Integra beat out my previous Saab and VW GTi, maybe not in performance, but in reliability and overall value.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006

1997 Acura Integra LS 1.8L from North America


Beautiful design and engineering has made this car so popular


Since the car is now 10 years old, the starter, and my AC belt tensioner broke, and the battery.

General Comments:

I love my Integra. I have put about $3600 into the whole car and it came with a stage 3 pearl paint job. When I clean my car, It gets looked at like it's a show car. I have beaten this car up and down the roads and it keeps asking for more! I hope that Honda decides to bring the Type-R back as I love the Integra. Not that fond of the RSX cause of its high ride height, but I love this car. The B18 is really strong and I can still get 34.6 MPG with all my aftermarket mods. Man this car is great! Lately I've been able to get my 50cc dirt bike into the back (minus the rear seats), plus all my riding gear and paintball gear.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2006

5th Feb 2007, 20:04

Hi there, I'm thinking about buying an Acura that's 11 yrs old with 128,000 km on it, it's seems to be in great shape, just wondering how yours runs after 11yrs??