2000 Acura Integra SE special edition 1.8L I -4 from North America


Great first car! I love it


I have just recently purchased this car from a young woman as my first vehicle.

When I bought it at 136,000 km the rear brakes needed to be replaced and the timing belt, & few other minor things under the hood.

The pedals are starting to wear out.

Other than that, nothing has or did go wrong with the car since I have had it.

General Comments:

Very reliable car.

Interior is built to last. Looks NEW!

I'm 6'2, 220lbs it's somewhat more challenging to get out of and have sufficient leg room when driving, but it's to be expected.

My Integra is a Year 2000 Special Edition package and comes with a nice tint, alloys, CD player and ample trunk space for hockey bag, clubs, etc.

*5 speed manual, 140hp, 130ish lbs torque. It's no Porsche, but it's enough to give all of the Cavaliers, Sunfires and Civics a run for their money.

I live in Canada, and I am not too confident in it as a winter vehicle. It's front wheel drive, very light and minimal ground clearance.

I guess I will be parking it once we get 40cm of snow overnight.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2006

21st Dec 2008, 20:50

Sounds just like my car when I bought it last May. I'm also from Canada and with the recent winter storm here in Alberta, it's actually not had too much of an issue with snow and ice. I haven't even had time to change to my winter tires yet.

I picked up my SE with 106,000 km on it and it has some body damage. Like you, I had to replace the rear brakes. I also had to replace the thermostat as it was stuck open. If you are able to work on the car yourself, I suggest you do because it is so easy! It's been a great car so far and I wish you the best with yours!

15th Apr 2009, 00:29

Silver 2000 Acura Integra Special Edition, also in Canada... bought it in December, 2007, came installed with Momo shifter & boot, Ractive titanium foot pedals, Cool-air intake, four 17" rims & low-profile tires (plus four winter tires), fog lamps built into lower bumper grate.

Handles great all year 'round, haven't had any problems with it in winter time, extra thick tubing under the hood, starts every time in cold weather, had it for almost a year and a half, and still have not had to bring it into the shop for anything.

Bought at 179,000km, no rust, no damage whatsoever, absolute dream of a car... only about $28 to $32 to fill from empty, amazing car, love it ;)


2000 Acura Integra GS-R 1.8 B18C1 from North America


One car you'll never complain about!


Nothing has ever gone wrong. Replaced 1 set of pads for 120000 k's!

Regular maintenance is relatively inexpensive if you work on it yourself. But it does require regular maintenance (more so than competitive vehicles).

General Comments:

Best handling car I've ever driven.

Power could be increased a bit, but after market parts are easy to find, and much cheaper than other vehicles.

Low end torque sucks, but what do you expect from a Honda with an 8100 red line?

Tonnes of internet support for this car. If you ever have any questions - www.team-integra.net is very informative, and can troubleshoot any problems!

I've owned 5 cars in the last 10 years, and this blows them all out of the water. I've owned a Toyota, a VW, a Nissan and another Acura, and the quality is far superior to other manufacturers.

Dependability, fuel mileage, power, handling, comfort and style are far better than anything in its class!

This is a car that I'm going to keep as long as I possibly can (possibly forever!).

I love my Teg!

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Review Date: 8th October, 2005