15th Jan 2004, 23:06

My wife unfortunately purchased a lemon. I DO find it hard to believe that no one on this site had similar problems. Her Acura Integra was a really SHARP and quick car, but when it stranded us on the road, twice, the problems and cost of them more than made up for it's performance pros! My mechanic even suggested taking it back to an Acura dealership, although it was already out of warranty, because he did not have the capability to service the electrical problems in the car! His estimate, which was cheaper than the dealership's, was around $ 1,000.00! The Integra actually started running fairly smooth again, just long enough to trade it in for a more "family friendly car, since we wanted to have more children. I won't even say what we traded it for because you guys would fall over! Well... OK. A 93' Plymouth Acclaim. Before you start blasting me, let me say that that Acclaim made it 95,000 miles before a trans. service and 109,000 before a trade in on an even more reliable Chevy Lumina 95'! That is abut 75,000 miles more than the Acura that gave us a monetary headache. American is NOT as bad as some foreign car owners say!!!

9th Apr 2005, 20:02

I have an 1989 Acura RS. I've had it parked in the brush/snow pile behind my house for the last three years as I have been using my truck. Anyway, the truck died so I went out to see if the old acura would start. Third crank and it fired right up!! After three years!!And it was -20 out!! I was shocked. Replaced the belts and lubed it up and now its ready to rock again. Now I can't wait to get into again, I forgot how fun that car is to drive. Needs paint, new rotors (later) and I hate changing the alternator on that car, but I have honestly not owned a more reliable car in my life.