3rd Feb 2006, 14:27

About 3 years ago I was traded a 1990 Accura Integra GS with 250,000 KM on it. Since that time I have put enough money into the car as to buy a brand new one off of the lot!

I have repaired the catalytic converter, timing belt, the starter, the radiator, all struts/shocks, all interior wiring (electrical fire coming home at 2am), the windshield wiper motor and relay, oil pan, gas cap, emergency break cord, clutch, antenna and replaced the passenger door lock.

There is still some work to be done like, day time running lights, hazard switch, drivers door lock and a leaky hatchback window which because it is a hatch back eventually soaks the whole car!

My advice would be to pass on a high KM Accura Integra GS as it just starts falling to pieces, I might have been better with the Mazda 626 I originally had!

28th Mar 2006, 19:44

I bought my Accura sight unseen in 2000 with 105K miles on it. It had some minor front end damage that had been repaired pretty well, but the first owner - an Arizona phone salesman - had not taken very good care of it. Between the heat and the neglect, several problems showed up after it had taken over my driveway. The first one was the degradation of the paint which began peeling off the hood and the fenders. The radiator, hoses and water pump went at 125K and both CV's at 130K. The windshield started leaking at 150K a few weeks after the second fuel pump was replaced. The air conditioner died in the middle of summer at 130K. Compressor was shot and too expensive to replace. I have replaced the radio twice and the ignition interlock switch three times. I haven't replaced a single light bulb yet. The most annoying thing about the car is the stupid automatic shoulder belt. I am surprised that no one has been strangled by one yet.

In spite of the problems, the car handles very well and is very fun to drive, especially since I'm the mountains. With over 205K miles on it now I have no regrets about buying it, but I would probably go with a Honda Accord or Civic to get the same performance for less money and cheaper repair costs.

29th Apr 2006, 00:16

I think a lot of it depends on what kind of work you can do on the car. I just bought a 1990 Integra with a nasty knocking sound in the motor, and it will need the crankshaft and rods replaced. However, I can swap used ones in for less than $200. It would be super expensive though to have a shop fix it for me. Repair costs at the actual dealer are ridiculous.

9th May 2006, 20:14

Hi I have a 1990 Acura Integra GS 4dr, that actually just rolled 300000 and the motor has never been touched. I race the car at SAC Raceway in California. The only thing I have done was replace the r/f fender and the core support - I rear ended a truck doing about 65, so it was in bad shape.

The car is great - I get close to 30mpg and the car still pulls low 16sec on the 1/4 mile, so there should be no complaints on the vehicle.

There were a couple of add ons as well - DC header, NHR racing chip, 4 inch drop springs, and 17inch wheels.

I got this car brand new off the lot and never had problems. I recommend buying one of these cars!!!

3rd Aug 2006, 14:49

I have a 1990, and I have noticed recently that when the car has been left in the sun for a while it doesn't like starting.

Battery is new, regular servicing, engine always fires OK, always works fine when started from cold, but when it's been out in the sun, after firing the engine just dies away. Can't figure this one out... any ideas?

6th Sep 2006, 04:23

To comment on the last post I also just bought an Integra GS although a 1991 that has recently had a similar problem with starting. Anyone know how to remedy this, problem heard the main relay etc...

30th Jan 2007, 17:56

The problem with the car not starting after being in the sun is common. It is a little relay box under and to the left of the steering wheel. I can't remember what it is called, but if you look under the dash left of the steering wheel you will see a brown box 1in x 3/4in with pins hanging out. It is right up against the thin plastic bottom portion of the dashboard under the steering wheel!

2nd Feb 2007, 09:52

I have a gs with 190k on the clock it's a 91 model.

It is the only car I have bought from a dealership as it was a replacement for an accord written off in an accident... got it as a 7 yr old with 80k.

My experiences to date: 1 water pump & timing belt, 1 new Radiator 2,exhaust systems, CV joints and the usual stuff tyres, brake pads, filters etc.

Overall very very reliable. At this stage in its life E-bay is keeping me in spare parts Power window switch and more recently interior door handle (drivers side) Radio aerial gave out last yr and hazard switch is not functioning.

Some rust appearing on hatch under the A and on where spoiler meets metal. Also rust on right hand side rear wheel arch. I find liberal application of WD40 prior to winter and occasionaly thru out the yr keeps this at bay.

Bodywork overall in good shape.

ABS light comes on after 10-15 minutes, but I still have brakes, I should change the rear rotors as they don't look healthy.

ABS pump sometimes makes noise after starting but I think this is normal when charging up.

A flaw which I have seen in other cars is fabric rip on the drivers seat due to friction when you get in and out. (car is 16 yrs old so not a complaint)

I get 34mpg religiously on the highway low 20's round town.

If they still made them I would buy another one, but this one is still alive and kicking.

4th Apr 2007, 17:39

I have 94 ls with 170000 miles no problems yet except I changed the clutch at 165000- I trying to reach 300 000 I am the first owner. good car, but I will up grade to tsx or accord 6 speed manual.

10th Apr 2007, 18:16

I bought a 1990 GS on Jan 30th, 2006. Over the last 15 months it has been great to me. I haven't had any major mechanical problems (knock on wood), and only had to perform routine maintenance on the vehicle. My ABS light comes on after I drive a few minutes, think I need to clean off all the ABS sensors at each wheel. My exhaust is rusting out and has a hole in the muffler. Probably just an old exhaust. Its leaking a little bit of oil from the transmission, maybe the main seal needs replacing, not sure what, but don't have the time to get into it yet. Other than that I cannot complain. The car handles much better than a civic, maybe not as good as the 1994 GS-R I had, but I attribute that to me having stock suspension components still. And at being 17 years old it's time for a refreshing. I recently purchased the ENERGY SUSPENSION master bushing set and the rear trailing arm bushings as well, and also a set of TEIN Basic Coilovers. I bought a new Magnaflow catalytic converter and a full catback ESPELIR JGT500R exhaust. I will once again repost after these items have been installed and let you know how the difference is!