16th Apr 2007, 13:50

Hi I have a 1990 Acura integra red DOHC engine runs pretty good, I've done the usual timing belt. engine supports, brakes regular maintenence until now I did, grease the odometer meter runs smooth pretty fast.. I got the interior done black and red, 17 inch rims looks clean I have to change the ABS pump and distributor other than that great ride.

9th May 2007, 12:52

Hi, I'm looking at a 1995 Acura Integra RS with approximately 280,000km's on it, I heard it's a reliable car and all, but is it worth buying at this point in it's life??

4th Jul 2007, 19:50

Our Accura Integra is a 1991 but we have had it since brand new and my husband says he will never get rid of it. And my son has already spoken for it when he dies. It has had some problems over the years, but nowhere near the problems we have had in other cars during that time and we have driven it across the U.S. from the beach in Daytona to California. And it is still fun to drive.

20th Jul 2007, 12:21

I purchased a brand new Integra-GS 2 Dr hatchback in 1993 and have been extremely satisfied with the performance and reliability so far. It now has 223 K Miles and had it's first accident last yr, but of course had to be repaired despite body shop advice. In addition to usual maintenance items, I also replaced the clutch, radiator and the timing belt (a few times). I have no idea how long the engine is designed to go, but will keep this as long as I can.

2nd Sep 2007, 14:31

I have a 1990 Integra. Can anyone give me advice on how to replace the blower moter?

3rd Dec 2007, 21:10

I love the Integra, a true driver's car.

A few tips for previously asked questions:

-Blower motor is accessible from passenger side under dashboard

(remove glove box and kick panel; you may have to splice and crimp wires on after market motor; stock comes with plug.

-Main fuel relay (hot weather no-starts) internals can be resoldered, apparently weak solder joints that crack over time.

-Trunk leaks are coming from either a leaking tail lamp gasket, or a dislodged sunroof drain tube (accessible behind trunk side trim).

-Passenger floor leaks are commonly caused by cracked cowl seals.

14th Feb 2008, 13:14

1990 Acura Integra GS (red) : I have owned over 80 used cars in my life and the Integra comes the closest to being a PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE. No wonder Honda doesn't make them anymore. They are too damn reliable!

24th Apr 2008, 10:12

My son has a 1996 acura integra that he basically has not had any problems with. Recently he was in a car accident and the body to the car was damaged. Front bumper, trunk and rear bumper. Even with the damage the car basically runs well. Looking for replacement parts for the body, so can get it back on the road. I think it is worth fixing, especially with the cost of gas going up. Only thing is finding body parts to fix the car.

6th Jun 2008, 09:52

I have a 90 Integra LS with 136,000 miles and the a/c has stopped working. Have trouble shooted the system and found that there is no power coming to the coil side of the compressor clutch relay. Relays are good, low pressure switch is good, thermostat on evaporator case is good, clutch works when given 12volts from a jumper wire. Only thing I have not checked is diode (can't find it) and the last link in the system is the ECM. No codes are stored. Short of a broken wire somewhere, what can be wrong and where is the diode? Any help will be appreciated.

6th Jun 2008, 16:57

I have a 1990 Integra and it's very reliable. I just recently put in a 2000 LS motor, and it's doing great, but you know what, there's something about these Acuras that basically you can fit any Honda or Acura motor in them with a little modification, but it's worth it, and especially with the gas prices at 3.89 here in San Antonio, TX, it's getting worse, but the Integras are very good cars.

3rd Aug 2008, 14:45

I have a 1990 Acura Integra RS (1.8L I4 130 hp, 121 lb tq, 5 speed manual transmission.)

I have had the car for just over a week and I love. It's a great first car!

The engine and transmission are the original, and the both work very good.

The engine likes to rev, and runs best between about 2900-5500 RPM. The gear ratios are great to, gears 3-5 are geared very close. It's a really drivers car.

16th Jan 2009, 09:50

I own a 1992 Integra 1.7L GS-R. It is by far the best car I have ever owned. I have maintained it regularly, as have the 2 previous owners, with all receipts, including the one for the purchase of the car Richmond Acura in 1992!

I have never let mechanical issues carry on with this car, however a clutch job in these vehicles is quite the overhaul! My husband being a mechanic, luckily did this for me.. it involved removal of transmission, and a lot of other components, right to the point of supporting the entire engine by chain, to the roof of the garage! We put in new engine mounts, water pump, heater core, new gaskets on almost everything, pieced it all back together, and the car runs like a dream!

The only issue I have is that darn leak under the right dash. I went to an import junkyard and asked about that, and he told me exactly what it was and how to fix it. Located on the outside of the car, on the same side, but at the base of the windshield, to remove the wipers and lift up the black covering in the lower corner. You will have to seal around the clips under there with silicone and it would be fine.

I also at one point had the classic Integra no-start after having it sit in the hot sun, or frequent stop-and-starts while warmed up. giving it a couple of minutes should resolve the problem, but this also can happen if you stall out a 5-speed and try to restart.

Another thing to be aware of, if it starts doing this more often, or just won't start at all even after resting, is it will likely be your distributor, which can go every few years...

11th Dec 2009, 11:33

I own a 1990 Acura Integra GS, bought new, best car I've ever owned. On the 'no start in the hot sun' issue, I found that if I open the gas cap I'll hear a 'whoooosh' of air pressure. Open the gas cap, let the pressure out, put the gas cap back on, and mine starts right up! Been doing that for years. You do smell gas fumes so don't start unless and until well ventilated. Hope this helps other Integra lovers.

26th Mar 2010, 07:41

I have a 1990 RS with 150K I paid $1500. I was just looking for a beater, but I got out of control and it is 85% restored and has the whining problem.

I am guessing a bad bearing, in my case a bearing that was pressed in incorrectly, If you put it in neutral and rev it and it still does, remember that the input shaft can spin even with clutch disengaged.

I am keeping it and painting it bright yellow. Too many mods too list.

DO NOT buy K-SPORT coilovers, as they rust, are way underdamped and way over sprung. My car does weigh 2000lbs.. but I told them that. I think they fixed install instructions, but if you followed them you would void warranty and they rust mostly at the shaft d, (yes, the spelling is right, dampening is to wet something. I took a lot of Physics and it is DAMPED OSCILLATIONS)

20th Apr 2010, 22:28

July 4, '89 drove a '90 Acura Integra LS out of the showroom; sold it in '95 and bought it off a used lot in '02, and eight years later am more in love with it than ever.

One common problem: Rainwater leak through heater onto front passenger floor. Found a remedy at http://forums.g2ic.com/tegtips/interior/15.html

Never got AC (regret), but this oldie is more solid than newbies -- glove box light; locking glovebox; interior finishings are high-quality plastic compared to today.

Above all, simple, clean design lines that stand up to today's looks; others much newer in this class look OLD.