1993 Acura Legend LS 3.2 from North America


Runs perfect for a 93. Nothing major, everything is just normal wear and tear


My car just started overheating, so now I have to change minor components before the situation gets out of hand. If that happens, I can be out of 1k+, so now I have removed my radiator and thermostat. If that doesn't work, then I know I have to also replace the water pump.

Also, the rubber on my CV joints needs to be replaced later on. So pay a mechanic to get that serviced.

Also, the steering is a little loose, so I'm just going to do the steering rack and pinion. It doesn't cost much to fix it yourself, but if you get someone else to fix it, you will be out of hundreds, and possibly thousands..

I love this car! I can't forget about the transmission, it kicks from 1 to 2.. I have to get transmission mounts and change the filter, add new fluids with Lucas trans fluid for better lubrication. Seems like a lot, but it's worth it!

General Comments:

You must take care of the coolant system to prevent a blown head gasket! Some people wait and wait until it gets worse.. as soon as you have a problem, fix it! If not, it can cause a bigger problem!

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2010

11th Jul 2012, 23:26

Don't use Lucas. It, and any petroleum product melt the O-rings and belts in the tranny. I know that's what happens, but it was JDM.

1993 Acura Legend L 3.2L from North America


One of the best cars I have owned and wished they never stopped making them


80,000 miles had to replace left front axle and upper ball joint.

105,000 replaced factory brakes with drilled slotted rotors and ceramic brake pads. Had trouble stopping car on highway at 80 mph. Drilled slotted rotors was recommended to keep from heating up and better stopping ability.

131,000 seats show cracking, but no rips just normal wear.

Power window on drivers side is very slow and sometimes sticks.

General Comments:

This car is absolutely a pleasure on long road trips. Handles well.

Gas mileage in and around town is 18 mpg on highway after gas filter and air filter change was 24/25 mpg.

The trunk is enormous and roomy.

Had a 1991 Legend L also which I loved. Then bought and 2003 brand new TL and sold it with 9000 miles because it didn't meet up to the Legends overall comfort and performance.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2008

1993 Acura Legend from North America


Amazing, but Frustrating


Where should I begin?!

This car WAS a dream. I loved my Legend... but more recently I have come to hate it. In the past 2 years I have had so many problems with my car.

-Replaced Battery

-Brake Lights stay on--replaced the relay

-Replaced Manifold Gasket covers

-Replaced Driver's outside door handle

-Replaced Radiator

-Replaced a relay for the computer so my car would actually start (it would die or not start)

-A/C is broke--won't blow

-Door lock 'clicked' for a long time (the actuator), now the driver's side is completely broken

-Possible oil leak

-Headlights used to cut out or not turn on

-6 disc CD player never worked for me

-Stereo stopped working (made loud screeching noises off and on before that though)

-Ignition broke--key won't turn (would lock up at times, but could still get it loose)

-Window locks button fell off, now only the driver side window goes down

-Passenger seat back somewhat broke--doesn't lock in place properly

-Cigarette Lighter doesn't work

-Side mirror doesn't turn all the way

-Trunk seal needs replaced--leaks when it rains

-Leather on seats ripped and worn badly

-Paint coming off--spots & fading all over.

General Comments:

I am a college student so I admit at some times I didn't take the "best" care of my car. But I did wash it, and get oil changes and try to take care of it the best I could with the time and money available to me.

I love how this car drives. It is fast and comfortable to ride in (unless you're in the backseat... which is fairly small). It is really frustrating to me that my Legend is now falling apart. It is one thing after another that I have to fix. I don't know if I am unlucky or my car is just a lemon. I wish it was in better condition because I really do like this car.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2006

25th Jul 2006, 10:37

I have a 1992 Legend LS, and the stereo was making the static and squealing noises described by the 1993's owner. I found a very handy site for repairs to factory Bose stereos, and that site sent me to the Acura/Honda site to check for recalls.

I just bought the 1992 in early 2006; yet Acura has an open, with no regard to mileage, recall on the factory Bose amplifiers. Mine was replaced with a NEW amplifier, despite the age, mileage, and me being the 3rd owner of the car. No questions asked.

Here are the two sites:



Don't give up on your Legend. I, like many of the others surveyed, am smitten with my Legend. I had a 1994 5-speed Integra LS Special for a number of years. And although I'd much rather shift myself, I find myself marveling at the power of my "old" Legend automatic.

If you still really "like" the car, it will be worth sticking with it and restoring it fully when you graduate and have some cash flow. I'm a "legend" of sorts -- 42 years young -- and I still kick myself for letting those cars I "loved" go for newness or because of seasons of repairs.

Stick with it, enjoy the restoration, and keep yourself free from the debt traps in our economy (cars)! And always read sites like this before you do anything! I almost "fell" for an Acura TL. This site saved me. Lots of expensive issues with that one!!!

5th Nov 2008, 11:57

I drive a 1994 Acura Legend L 4-door sedan with 97,500 original miles. We've had the Acura in the family since March 1994, and up to this point we have had no major issues with the car.

The engine is quiet, peppy, and my wife thinks it's quicker and more responsive than our new 2007 Lexus ES 350.

I just bought new carpets for the Legend from an after-market company, and they are beautiful. The taupe interior and the mats are a perfect match.

The Desert Mist finish had begun to fade and the clear coat peel on the hood, roof and trunk lid, and after a $550 Maaco paint job - excellent by the way - the car looks like a million dollars. Sure, the interior leather is showing its age (so am I), and the BOSE stereo no longer displays the stations, even though I had brought it in for a repair last year - but I wouldn't trade the Legend nor sell it. I just had an offer while getting gas for $6000.

When I see another Legend on the road, the other driver and I always will give a 'thumbs up' because we know what we have. I only wish at the time of the $4+ gallon for premium, the Acura used regular or plus grades of gasoline. Our nearby Acura dealer strongly advised against that as did my mechanic.

A recent freaky problem was that the Power Seat Memory switch went bad, and had to be replaced -- a tab of about $200. But my repair shop had the data and the tests, and the repair was done. A great car.

Back in '94 we were tossed between the Lexus and the Acura. No regrets here.