2004 Acura MDX from North America


A great vehicle

General Comments:

I am on my 5th Honda product, my daughter has a Pilot fully loaded and it does have some features the MDX doesn't, but I think my MDX is sportier that her Pilot.

After driving a Honda Accord it is taking a little getting used to - I sit much higher and when I take a corner, I feel like it is going to lean too much and roll, but I am getting used to it.

I just wish I didn't have to use premium gas, but I love my MDX.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004

15th Dec 2012, 02:18

You NEVER need to use Premium! Trust me, it's a waste of money.

2004 Acura MDX Base 3.5 from North America


Keep looking


The transmission seems to have a mind of it's own. The first shift comes as late as 4000 RPM's. The final shift to 5th, can take to long also. The brakes click from forward to reverse and back. I am not happy with my MDX.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2004

5th Oct 2007, 09:25

I am highly disappointed with my 2002 MDX that I bought at 43,000 miles as a used one. After driving it for 7 days, I had a transmission problem and the check engine light came on. It's highly disappointing for a product like Honda/Acura; please don't go after the name, but go after the survey.

7th Nov 2007, 20:32

I have a 2002 MDX and put it in for the 60,000 mile service...9 days later while traveling the transmission died. The dealership replaced it under the recall and the fact that the car had just been there. Once I got it back, it still doesn't run right. The RPM's will rev up while I am driving around the city and then the car will speed up and slow down on its own. The dealership is trying to make it right by putting me in a newer one, but Honda/Acura hasn't done anything. They keep telling me to take it back and have the dealership work on it some more.

20th Nov 2009, 13:10

01-03 MDXs have a well known transmission issue. Same with the Honda Pilots/Odyssey's of that time frame. I had an 02 we bought with 45K miles on it. Tranny went out at 68k, but I complained to Honda NA and they fixed it gratis. I got rid of the vehicle at around 110k. Even with the transmission, I'd buy another MDX and am in fact looking for one. Just not an 01-03 model year. Well appointed inside (Touring is at least), decent gas mileage for its size and fold flat 3rd row. Great vehicle, just get an 04 or newer.