2005 Acura MDX Touring with Navigation 3.5L VTEC from North America


One amazing crossover!!


When we first bought the MDX, there were just little things like:

The windshield was cracked.

Visor wouldn't stay all the way up.

Clips on driver's vents were broken.

Slight grinding noise in passenger seat when moving back (probably dirt).

The driver's seat has a bit of creasing from the first owner getting in and out; hopefully I can fix that with seat conditioner, and prevent it cracking.

Other than that, NOTHING; the little things were repaired at the dealer.

General Comments:

The car has a bit of mileage for the year, but my 1997 Integra has just hit 230,000, and it still is running the same engine and tranny! So I am really hoping that our MDX holds up to the reliability of ACURA.

It is very quick with the 3.5L engine!

Seats are comfy and supportive.

The voice commands and hands free is difficult to use... like when you press the button and say "pair" for connecting your cell phone, and the car picks up "# Dial or add more numbers"... I'm sure it takes practice and am not jumping to the conclusion that it's the cars fault. Maybe the last owner had an accent and it adjusted to that.

Navigation is sweet.

A lot of people complained about that Bose stereo, but when I turn it up, it sounds very nice and clear. The subwoofer is more than enough... I am 28 and have had a couple of luxury cars before this, so I'm not biased in any way... I am actually very very picky on my stereo. So kudos to Acura on the nice sounding system.

The cabin is great and open. We actually got the MDX because of the amount of cargo space, which I believe is best in class.

Have not used the all wheel drive, since we are in Tucson; but we are moving back to Oregon, and believe that the all wheel drive will come in extremely handy going through the ice and snow. I will report back later after we take the MDX out for a camping trip.

My wife and I bought this car after doing months of research. The other cars we looked at were the Infiniti FX (my personal favorite based on looks... Not the wife's), BMW X3 and X5 (great cars... not for us based on not much extra cash for repairs... I heard the sunroofs on the X3 cost ~$3000 to fix), Nissan Murano (we didn't like the reviews on them), Ford Edge (never buying a Ford after talking to a service technician).

So all in all, my wife and I are extremely happy with our purchase. Look out for the 01, 02 and 03 MDX's with the faulty transmission... They fixed the problem on the 2nd generations. It has high miles, but in my opinion, this is when Acura is in its prime (just my opinion).

Thank you for your time.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2011

16th May 2013, 20:14

Update!!! Hello everyone! Well... Our truck is now at 132,000 miles and is as solid as a rock! One amazing SUV!! We are leaving next month for a trip to Oregon from Arizona and can't wait to see San Francisco and Napa Valley! Love the truck, and we have been trouble free! We have even taken it camping and slept in the back of the truck with our puppy. Have no doubt this great SUV will last 300,000+ miles!!

31st Jul 2015, 05:31

Are you still happy with your 2005 MDX? I am considering purchasing one soon.