2011 Acura MDX 3.6 from North America


Good car, great value


This Acura MDX has been excellent for us. Compared to our previous vehicle, a 2008 GMC Acadia, there is no comparison. Bought it new off of the showroom floor. We bought the mid optioned model, the 'technology' model. Easy to buy, easy to deal with sales people, easy, easy, easy.

Great performance and handling. Very nice to drive, well appointed for the driver and passengers. Third row is a tight fit for anyone other than children; there are only the two of us at this point.

Zero issues with this vehicle since new. Anything that arose from the manufacturer's side was addressed immediately, i.e. software updates for the engine. A small issue with detonation due to our not so premium premium fuel was quickly resolved. No troubles at all ever up to this point. Still runs great and would buy another hands down.

It isn't as good on fuel as it might be for the size.

It isn't as comfortable for me as a driver as I might like, but I am a large person and I can live with it easily.

It does use premium unleaded, so that is an extra cost, but not a deal breaker for me.

All around we are very satisfied with the product. A bit pricey, but in my mind comparable and worth the cost for the overall performance and reliability of the machine. Good value now, and trade in as well. We looked at used, and these cars hold their value better than some others.

General Comments:

Very solid, sound good value.

Great handling.

Good performance.

Average economy.

Very comfortable for average sized occupants, meaning of smaller stature than my 6' 4" 250 lbs bulk. It's still pretty good for me though.

Good visibility.

Nicely organised instruments and climate/sound/navigation console, once you look at it and give it a chance.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2013

6th Nov 2018, 10:13

What is the gas octane for this MDX? 87, 89, 91?

24th Aug 2020, 22:30

The manual recommends 91 octane. Not using 91 can void the warranty. Have read that after the warranty period every other fill of 87/89 octane is OK. Would lean to every third fill with lower mid grade personally. If you hear pinging, get 91 octane ASAP. If pinging goes away, great. If not, don’t put off getting someone qualified to look at it!

25th Aug 2020, 22:50

A 91 is not worth the extra money. 87 or 89 perform just as good.

3rd Sep 2020, 16:13

These cars are costly to keep run as the problems start kicking in. The VCM engines with high oil consumption is just one of them.